We Love To Travel Australia and So Will You - It Is Awesome!

Plan Your Own Driving and Travel Australia Holiday And Create Special And Unique Memories

Welcome! My Family loves travelling to Australia's beautiful and unique destinations. These road trip adventures have been my inspiration to create this website and share our driving and camping experiences with you.

To drive, camp and travel Australia is an exciting vacation experience for everyone. You can plan a relaxing holiday to a very adventurous road trip.

You can experience stunning beaches all around Australia's coast, the awesome Outback in Central Australia, breathtaking rainforests and coastal views. There are also outstanding self drive tours everywhere in Australia, unique attractions, Top End adventures in Northern Australia and so much more.

This driving, camping, vacation and travel Australia guide saves you time and frustration. You can easily find the information you need to plan your own ultimate Aussie holiday or road trip including travel tips, maps, attractions, road trip suggestions and stunning images of Australia.

The size of Australia is deceiving, it is actually slightly smaller than the United States. Australia's population is much less at about 22 million, as you can see from the map above the possibilities for adventures and things to do are endless!
Learn more about Australia with these Australia travel facts.

I know how frustrating it can be to find Australian holiday or vacation planning information, in the past I have had to search through many websites and books just to find a few useful paragraphs and pages when planning our exciting adventure trips.

To save you having to search for information I have collected all the information we have learnt, experienced and loved from our Southern Australia, Central Australia, Northern Australia adventures into this website and an Ebook so you can start planning your own 'best ever' Aussie holiday.

"Australia is unique and stunning - Be adventurous, amazed and surprised everyday!" 

You may not have the opportunity to go driving all the way around Australia and you do not have too. Australia can be driven in smaller sections in a duration that suits you. That maybe a few weeks, several months or even longer.

Australia can be experienced anyway that suits you
Use your own vehicle, hire a car or camper, go on a short or a long tour, explore and discover by rail, fly to different destinations and there are many other adventurous ways to travel Australia.
How ways can you think of?
You can start planning your 'Aussie' Road Trip or Vacation today.

Have You Been to Daylesford in Victoria?

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are beautiful historic towns that are amazing to visit with so much to do and see!
You will immediately appreciate the history and beauty.

Discover much more at this website Daylesford Delights

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australia travel book

Be Inspired to Travel Stunning Australia 

with this Unique Ebook

While you are travelling you will be able to take stunning and fun Australian destination photos and videos like these below. Then you will be able to reminisce long after your holiday or road trip is finished.

ayers rock

A Breath Taking View From Top Of Uluru - Ayers Rock

Everyone has seen the beautiful landscape images of Australia.

How many times have you said WOW!!

Imagine yourself being at this location
Stunning Cable Beach in Broome WA and taking these holiday photos!

cable beach

You can do it. Believe me you will not just say WOW! 

 You will not want to leave!

cable beach broome

Discover this Amazing Australia Video
There is so much to do and experience it has to be seen
to be believed.

Our Aussie Animals

Australia has some very unique animals, the koala and kangaroo are our most famous 'Aussie' native animals as they have enormous appeal by people of all ages from Australia and overseas!

When you travel Australia Kangaroos and koalas can both be seen in their natural habitat but it is much easier to see them in a zoo or wildlife park like 'Australia Zoo' in Queensland or 'Featherdale Wildlife Park' In Sydney and other parks all over Australia.

If you are lucky enough you will be able to feed, pat and get your photo taken with these very appealing animals.

'Aussie' Vacation Experiences

Some of your best vacation experiences will be free and aren't planned they just happen.

A holiday is not just about destinations it is also about the characters you meet, friends you make, things that go right and wrong, funny and special things that happen and great memories that make you smile months or years later.

We have met many different characters, people and animals.

This photo is of my son with a baby racing camel  who was for sale (the camel not my son!) The camel was called 'Brother Bill' we met him at the Charlieville Camel Races in Queensland. He was so cute and friendly we wanted to take him home!(the camel that is! Ben did come home with us as he is cute and friendly too!)

Wishing you many Happy Travel Australia Holidays and Aussie Adventures.

From Tina

Please Note - Australians use British English so words like colour, travelling, tyre, centre, organise are spelt correctly and holiday means the same as vacation.

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