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Travelling Australia is an exciting adventure, holiday or road trip. When we are driving on Australia's roads we are always have an atlas or maps to show us the way.

Atlases, maps and travel Australia books come in all shapes and sizes and most of them have a different purpose.

Maps and atlases can cover all of Australia, a region, a city or a section like the West coast, East coast, the Outback or Top End.

Travel Australia books can vary from being a general 'about Australia' book in a small easy to carry format to the large, colourful showpiece for your bookshelf or coffee table.

They can also vary in subjects like, camping, bush cooking, accommodation, 4 wheel driving, attractions, touring, dog friendly campsites, cycling trails and walking tracks etc.

Below I have listed a few travel Australia books that I own and I am very impressed with their quality and usefullness when planning and travelling.

Happy travelling everyone.

Below I have included a new road trip, free travel tips, we continue travelling Australia and several travel Australia book suggestions.

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Road Trip - Summerland Way

The 'Summerland way' road trip is a self drive tour from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane in Queensland. This route is a inland tour that is an alternative to driving on the Pacific Highway and is much more scenic.

This trip includes destinations and attractions like the Grafton, Casino, Kyogle, Woodenbong, Rathdowney, Beaudesert, to Brisbane with plenty of other smaller towns to visit along the way.


packing car for camping holiday

Packing the car for an exciting holiday

Free Australia Travel Safety Travel Tips

Australia.com website has some excellent safety travel tips that will help all travellers to be aware of all the hazards you may come across when travelling, sightseeing, driving and camping.

www.australia.com/travel tips

Region - Western Kimberley

Continuing our road trip we are driving from the Eastern Kimberley to Broome in the West Kimberley. You can drive via the Gibb River Road using a 4 wheel drive vehicle or the much easier way on a sealed road called the Great Northern Highway.

For much more information visit these websites below.





Travel Australia Books

I recommend both these travel Australia books as I have purchased them both and found them to be excellent. Clicking on the link for each will show you the publishers description and the numbers of pages etc. They both have been recently published in 2011 so they are the latest editions.

'Explore Australia by Caravan and Motorhome' is an excellent map travel guide. Each main Highway is described in sections including Highway One that goes all the way around Australia - sixty sections.

The other highways described are those that are in an east-west direction and north-south direction and all of Tasmania is included in a separate section. The book has an excellent layout and is very impressive, very easy to understand and use.

Explore Australia by Caravan and Motorhome

Explore Australia by Caravan and Motorhome

Budget Camps and Stops Australia is another interesting travel book, it includes over 1000 rest areas, park areas and camping areas on the main highways of Australia.

Each listing includes an image and further information about the area so it makes it much easier to plan your days travels when you know where you can stop for a short break or overnight.

Budget Camps and Stops Australia

Budget Camps and Stops Australia

Free postage in Australia.

driving gibb river road

Driving on the Gibb River Road - The Kimberley WA

If you are planning a holiday and need some more info please use the contact form and send your plans or ideas to me, I will do my best to provide you with the appropriate information.

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Cheers and Happy Travelling Amazing Australia
From Tina

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