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Travel 'Awesome' Australia Newsletter - New Year, New Dreams, New P
December 27, 2010


New Year, New Dreams, New Places To Explore


Happy New Year and Wishing you all the best for 2011

Welcome to Travel 'Awesome' Australia Newsletter and a special thanks and welcome to all new subscribers.

Where has this year gone, every year seems to go faster. A few more days and it will be 2011. I sincerely wish you a Happy and Safe New Year and hope you get the chance make your dreams come true what ever they may be.

Hopefully you will be able to include travelling and exploring Australia and discover a new destination, attraction, or experience in this stunning unique country.

Oprah has come and gone in the last few weeks, lets hope she makes a difference and Australian tourism will get a huge boost next year and beyond.

Below I have listed another Discount Travel Card so you can save money on your holidays, we are exploring the region of Central Australia, I have included another free great travel resource and also a free ebook for you to keep.

I found this 'mud map of Australia' image when I was researching for the other sort of 'mud maps' recently. I researched it a bit more a found a forum debating whether it has been Photoshopped or not! My guess is most likely! (It is actually real!!)

I have since found out that the Aussie 'mud map' is real, a lady saw the photo on this website, she knew the men that had taken the photo so she emailed me and explained what happened. In 2004 a several blokes were driving on Googs Road in South Australia they initially drove over it than one of them said back up for a better look and of course they took a photo.

If the image is not showing use the link below and it will open in a new window.

Discount Travelling - VIP Backpackers Card

The VIP Backpackers Discount Card gives anyone the opportunity to save money when they are travelling Australia and the world. The discounts are available to all ages and allows you to save money on hundreds of well known products, services, accommodation, tours etc.

For example Greyhound Bus travel, countryQBE Travel Insurance 40% Off, Adventure Tours Australia up to 10% OFF selected tours, Great Southern Railway Up to 55% off, Oz Experience 5% OFF select national passes and many more. You will also receive destination information and a hostel guide.

All for only $43 plus $6 postage for 12 months membership.

Regions of Australia - The Red Centre

In the last newsletter we explored the Kimberley, we are continuing to explore Australia and have now flown over the border and landed in the Northern Territory to explore and find adventure in the Red Centre of Australia.

The Red Centre or Central Australia is a very unique place to visit, beautiful blue skies (most of the time!), red dirt, sand or rock everywhere and always a bit of greenery. The Red centre is not just about Uluru Ayers Rock (although it is very spectacular), there are many other unique places to visit.

  • Alice Springs - The heart of the Outback
  • Chambers Pillar - south east of Alice Springs.
  • Devils Marbles and Tennant Creek - north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway.
  • East and West McDonnell Ranges - surrounding Alice Springs.
  • Olgas Kata Tjuta - are 40 kilometres to the west of Uluru/Ayers Rock, the Olgas are clusters of huge rock domes. Which are just as impressive as Uluru but in a different way.
  • Kings Canyon and Palm Valley - South westerly of Alice Springs on the Mereenie Loop road.
  • Curtain Springs - A million acre Cattle Station and Wayside Inn about 100 kilometres east of Uluru Ayers Rock
  • Rainbow Valley - about 100 kilometres south of Alice Springs, marvel at an ancient landscape as you explore the spectacular Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve.

The Red Centre is often harsh and remote but is awesome in the desert like beauty of its endless stretches of red dirt and amazing features that nature has created. Alice Springs is the perfect base to discover and explore the regions culture, heritage and man made and natural attractions.

For more information

Also you may like to read about our adventures in Central Australia

Travel Resources - Google Earth Maps

Google earth maps are an exciting way to see different locations and destinations from a birds eye view.

Get up close and see detail of many places in Australia and the World very quickly, zoom in and out, turn the map North, South, East and West and zoom down near ground level.

Download google earth maps for free here

To see some destinations wirh Google Earth maps Click this link

Free Gift - Best Camping Tips Ebook

You are welcome to download this free Best Camping Tips Ebook as a Special Gift for the New Year. This 30 page ebook includes

  • Types of Camping.
  • Plan Before You Go Camping.
  • Using a Camping Checklist.
  • How to pick the best tent to be comfortable.
  • How to pick the best backpack.
  • and much more.

Please download here

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I will catch up with you soon with the next edition of the Travel 'Awesome' Australia Newsletter in late January.

Cheers and Happy travelling Amazing Australia
From Tina

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