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One of the best things about a road trip or journey is the feeling of freedom and being away from the usual schedules of home or work life.

So having a flexible itinerary that can be changed when you want to is a wonderful feeling.

You have the ability to change how many nights you want to stay or just randomly change your next destination.

Here are a few things to consider while you are planning your holiday.

  • What do we enjoy doing?
  • What are we travelling in?
  • What do we want from this holiday?
  • How long can we go for?
  • Will we be taking pets?
  • Do we rather cold or warm weather?
  • What accommodation do we prefer?
  • Do we want to travel or stay in the one place?
  • Am I going with a group or alone?
  • What is our budget?

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Below I have listed camping money saving tips for when you are holidaying, we are exploring the region of the Snowy Mountains and I have included another great travel resource.

Camping Money Saving Tips

Going camping is by far the cheapest way to have a holiday with your family. The best advantage is the cost of many camp areas are free or cheap like National Parks.

National Parks only charge about $10 - $15 per night and you get basic facilities, cheaper options are like camping in the State forests, state parks and reserves. So you could be camping for free or very cheaply alongside a beach or a river.

When you can camp cheaply, this helps your budget and you may then be do a few activities that you may have otherwise missed out on.

Food & drinks are another cost, but when you’re at home you still have to eat, so if you eat similar to what you have it home it won’t cost you anymore than usual.

When your camping on a budget it helps to choose ahead of time what type of camping experience you wish to have. Save money camping and find the campground that suits you.

National Parks and Reserves offer cheap camping with basic facilities and you can enjoy the nature, go for walks, or drives which all should be marked and on a map should be provided to you at the Park Office.

The lesser the quality & amount of facilities/amenities usually means they will charge less. All Parks have ratings determined by the quality and facilities of the park.

If you are tent camping you can camp on a powered site occasionally so you can recharge batteries or use the laptop etc.

Remember that prices of campground sites will usually go up when its school holidays and public holidays and book ahead so you do not miss out.

australia free camping

Regions of Australia - Snowy Mountains NSW

Last newsletter we visited the Fraser Coast region, our road trip continues down the coast to Brisbane then Sydney on the Pacific Coast journey From Sydney we drive inland towards Canberra and the Snowy Mountains are just south of Canberra.

The Snowy Mountains can be visited anytime of the year depending on your preference of with or without snow.

In winter you can do all types of snow sports like go night skiing, downhill, cross country skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing. There are several resorts to visit, Thredbo and perisher are the most well known ones. All resorts cater for novices and experienced skiers as well as families.

In summer the Snowy Mountains are stunning and perfect for a road trip holiday. Staying in one of the region’s many B&Bs, apartments or cottage accommodation. Drive through historic country towns, admire the mountain flowers, look out for wildlife and enjoy beautiful unique scenery.

There are plenty of other activities to do like fishing for trout, walking and hiking on the many trails and wine tasting at the many local vineyards. Visiting the local towns will be an experience to remember for a real country experience. Some of the local towns are Tumut, Jindabyne, Bombala, Tumbarumba, Cooma and of course Kosciuszko National Park is a must see.

Below are two links the first is a link to the Snowy Mountains page on the NSW Tourism website.

The second link is to the 'Kosciuszko Alpine Way' journey which takes you on a road trip adventure from Canberra through to the gateway of the Snowy Mountains, Thredbo and Cooma. It then continues to Southern New South Wales to Khancoban and Albury on the Victorian border.

Travel Resources - Distance And Fuel Calculators

Distance, fuel and time calculators and planners are very useful tools when you are planning your holiday or road trip.

These travel calculators below can be used as a guide to your travelling so you can plan your best ever holiday to amazing destinations in Australia.

Distance and Fuel Calculator.

Estimate fuel costs of driving to destinations within Australia.

The NRMA Travel Planner lets you select the towns then it works out the directions and distancesto help you plan your road trip.

Swaggie is another travel planner that you can find a destination or plan a journey, directions and estimated time is displayed.

australia road map

If you are planning a holiday and need some more info please use the contact form and send your plans or ideas to me, I will do my best to provide you with the appropriate information.

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Cheers and Happy travelling Amazing Australia
From Tina

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