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Welcome to the very first Travel 'Awesome' Australia Newsletter.

Australia is an awesome country to travel and explore as some of you may have experienced already. If you haven't travelled Australia much you are in for an 'Amazing' ride.

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  • Also each month I will include links for tools and information to some of the amazing travel resources that are available online.

Discount Travel - Travel Auctions

You may have seen the advertising on TV for Travel Auctions...Who wants to go on a holiday, holiday, holiday.

The Travel Auctions website is very easy to use and is a very well organised system. Choose the price you are willing to pay and the Top 50 bidders are successful and will enjoy a great holiday.

The normal price is posted with each Auction as well as all the details, some reviews are alo available. I know of several couples who have been successful and enjoyed the excellent accommodation and holiday as described.

For more information check out the website

Regions of Australia - The Kimberley

The first region of Australia I am going to start with is the 'Kimberley' one of my favourites. Many parts of the Kimberley are spectacular but there is also a harshness that makes it very rugged and remote.

The Kimberley is in the top end of Western Australia and can be reached by travelling north up the Western Australian coast or from Katherine in the Northern Territory. The Kimberley has two main roads the Great Northern Highway which is a sealed road and the Gibb River Road which is rough gravel and only to be accessed by four whel drive vehicles.

The Kimberley is an exciting mix of culture at Broome, natures uniqueness at the Bungle Bungles, amazing waterfalls in the middle of nowhere at Bells Gorge, Manning Falls, Mitchell Falls and many more. Rivers to cruise down like Geikie Gorge and Chamberlain River at ElQuestro.

Beautiful beaches like Cable Beach at Broome and Cape Leveque, wildlife everywhere and the amazingly unique boab trees, sunrises and sunsets are stunning, the tides at Derby are 10 metre tides(normal tides else where are 1-2 metres) you can literally see the tide going in and out it is moving so fast.

It would be easy to spend a month or two exploring the Kimberley there is just so much to see, experience and enjoy. For more about the Kimberley have a look at this excellent website.

Travel Resources - Street Directory

The Street Directory is a free online combination of a map of Australia, Business directory and street view.

On the left side is list of all types of businesses to explore either by region or type of business.

Click on the street view at the top half of the page and you can be transported to street level instantly where wtreet view is available any town in Australia.

The map of Australia is excellent, you can browse all of Australia or a state or territory, all the distances between towns are clearly marked. You can also zoom into show the streets, roads and terrain.

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I will catch up with you soon with the next edition of the Travel 'Awesome' Australia Newsletter in December.

Cheers and Happy travelling Amazing Australia
From Tina

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