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Hi, Welcome to ‘Travel Australia Planning Guide’.

I am Tina, married with 3 kids and live in country Victoria, Australia. We have 25 years camping experience which includes the past decade that we have travelled to many parts of this amazing country.

Absolutely loved seeing, experiencing and touching places that we have all seen on TV or in books or magazines.
We can’t wait for the next exciting adventure!


I got the travel bug quite a few years ago, this photo shows me cruising past the Sydney Opera House when I was 18 holidaying with my parents.

Fast forward a few years, married with 3 young boys, my family have enjoyed many camping trips in Victoria & New South Wales.

In 2000 our kids were 7,10 & 12 years old and we set off on our amazing 'First Big Trip'. Travelling from Victoria to Central Australia, Darwin and returned via outback Queensland and New South Wales.

Our 'First Big trip' was the first of many great adventures travelling Australia. Australia is a beautiful unique country to travel, where spectacular 'really' is an understatement.

Most of the images featured in this website have been taken on our exciting travels and holidays. You may notice a few photos taken from inside the car, they may not be the best quality but they 'really' show the travellers view.

All the information on this website is based on our travelling and camping experiences. Your welcome to use this information as your own inspiration to travel this amazing country 'Australia'.


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