Our Adventure Family Holiday In Outback Central Australia

The perfect destination for an adventure family holiday is Central Australia also known as the Red Centre.

My family love our self drive tours and 4x4 adventure family holidays that include popular locations like Alice Springs, Uluru Ayers Rock, Birdsville, Broken Hill, Devils Marbles, many unique Outback pubs and so much more.

The Outback pubs are always interesting and unique, we have been to the Birdsville hotel, Innamincka hotel, Silverton, William Creek, Mount Dare hotel and Daley Waters pub which is further north on the Stuart Highway.

We have travelled to all these places on several different Central Australia self drive tours.

Some of our trips were for 6 weeks, 3 weeks and few shorter trips to the closer locations to home.

giant termite mound plenty highway

Giant termite mound on the Plenty Highway Central Australia

"This huge termite mound was on the side of the road when we were driving from Alice Springs on our way to Birdsville via Bedourie and Boulia.

Birdsville was one of our favourite Ouback towns, it 'really' is in the middle of nowhere. We visited the iconic Birdsville Hotel, the race track (without the horses) and drove up and over 'Big Red' which is the 'start or the finish' of the Simpson Desert Trek."

Along the Stuart Highway

Driving the Stuart Highway was an exciting adventure family holiday. Driving north up the Stuart Highway from Port Augusta the first town we stayed at was Coober Pedy. Which is a 'must see' town for being so unique and for its beautiful opals that are sold all over the world. Red dirt everywhere, not a blade of grass or garden to be seen anywhere. The football oval and golf course are very unique ..... Outback style.

central australia map

Map showing Coober Pedy to Alice Springs and surrounding area

Alice Springs is right in the heart of the Red Centre and is surrounded by the impressive McDonnell Ranges. We have been to 'Alice' several times there are always plenty to do in the town and even more to do in the surrounding areas.

alice springs central australia

Driving into Alice Springs between the McDonnell Ranges

"The McDonnell Ranges go in a east west direction through Alice Springs and are a very impressive entrance to the town and they can be seen when you drive around the town. Alice Springs and the surrounding area is very suitable for an adventure family holiday.

The West McDonnell ranges have beautiful landscapes to see like Ormiston Gorge and Standley Chasm, the East McDonnell ranges are much less publicised so they are quieter but still have great gorges to visit like Trephina Gorge and John Hayes Rockhole."

More About the Stuart Highway

We always enjoy going back for another adventure family holiday and gladly take the opportunity to experience more red dirt, stunning views, beautiful blue skies, sunsets and sunrises.

Further north on the Stuart highway is the amusing Devils Marbles which really are piles of massive boulders that I can't help admiring. It's amazing what nature can create in a few million years of erosion.

Closer to the Top End is Daly Waters Hotel is a very popular stop over for many weary travellers looking for fun and a drink. Staying at Daly Waters Pub was a highlight of our adventure family holiday.

Daly Waters Pub is just a few kilometres off the Stuart Highway and is a 'must see' Outback pub. We have camped out the back several times and enjoyed the 'Beef and Barra' meals which are available every night to travellers.

central australia map

Map showing Alice Springs to Daly Waters and surrounding area

Western Central Australia

Visiting or climbing Ayers Rock - Uluru is the highlight of every travellers trip to Central Australia. Everyone knows the name and has seen many images of this huge red rock and there is nothing like driving towards it. Slowly it gets bigger and then it's huge and absolutely breathtaking.

Before I had been to Uluru I had many seen pictures of Uluru Ayers Rock, nothing can prepare you for what to expect....
To be see it, touch it, stand on it and walk around is unbelievable - it's worth getting a few blisters!

Camping in the Australia Outback is a great adventure and you see and experience so much more. Especially if you can camp in National Parks or very close to amazing landscapes.

Nearby is the Olgas - Kjata Tjuta very unique in it's own right and worth visiting especially as it's only a short drive away. The long walk 'Winds of the Valley' is great, you get to walk amongst the enormous domes.

Kings Canyon is in the West McDonnell Ranges on the Mereenie Loop near Alice Springs. The Mereenie Loop is a gravel back road between Alice Springs and Uluru.

Kings Canyon is an excellent day trip adventure as It is a huge canyon which you can walk around the rim. The walk takes several hours and then you can walk through the valley in the base. The view was stunning so we took many stunning photos along the way.

Palm Valley is also on the Mereenie Loop and can be visited in a day on a guided tour, as we were doing a self drive adventure tour we stayed for 2 nights in the campground.

Just to make the camping at Palm Valley interesting we had a slightly 'physcho' emu that was a resident at the campground.

Apart from the emu amusing us we enjoyed a few shorter walks and then an all day trip where we walked along the 'fairly dry' Palm Valley creek bed. Palm Valley is another excellent adventure family holiday destination.

palm valley central australia

Four Wheel driving across sand travelling into Palm Valley

"Going to Palm Valley which is in the Finke National Park was a great Outback adventure, we drove on sand and rough rocky tracks to get to the campground and saw some very special landscapes.

The best view was a five minute walk from the campground. Recently I saw the same view featured in a 'Northern Territory' Tourism ad in a local newspaper, so it must be considered very stunning and it was!"

Eastern Central Australia

Eastern Central Austalia is a great area for an adventure family holiday. This area is mainly south and south east of Alice Springs and includes Chambers Pillar, Mount Dare, Finke, Oodnadatta, Birdsville.

South of Alice Springs is the Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve. Chambers Pillar was discovered in 1860 and we camped nearby nearly 150 years later.

I can't imagine how hard it must of been for explorers with no roads and only basic equipment. To see the sun rise and set over Chambers Pillar is stunning, the colours changed from all shades of gold to reds.....our own Outback light show.

We have also stayed at the Mount Dare Hotel, visited Finke which is where the Finke Desert Race starts.

We travelled on the challenging Old Ghan Railway which is very suitable for a 4x4 adventure holiday experience.

William Creek Hotel is a typical Outback pub, Oodnadatta is a strange name for a town and maybe that is why someone has painted the roadhouse Pink.

pink roadhouse oodnadatta

The very unique Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta

"There is no doubt the town of Oodnadatta is unique, the 'pink' roadhouse adds character to the centre of the town.
More about Oodnadatta www.pinkroadhouse.com.au

Driving on the Oodnadatta track was an exciting adventure family holiday for us and all travellers as long as you are prepared for the rough roads and have a four wheel drive vehicle. There are plenty of things in the area like Dalhousie Springs, the Old Ghan Railway and Mount Dare Hotel."

More About Eastern Central Australia

South East of Alice Springs is Birdsville, one of our favourite outback towns, famous for its pub and the Birdsville's Races.

Our adventure family holiday trips also included the Simpson Desert, Innamincka and Coopers Creek, Cameron's Corner, Broken Hill and Silverton.

Australia's outback is huge and we have plenty more to visit and experience hopefully sooner rather than later...Can't wait!

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