Adventure Tour Australia In The
Red Centre And Discover
Central Australia's Delights

To adventure tour Australia in the Red Centre is an awesome experience. Visit interesting and unique destinations like Alice Springs, East and West McDonnell Ranges, Simpson Desert, Uluru-Ayers Rock, Palm Valley, Kata Tjuta-Olgas, Kings Canyon, Rainbow Valley, Chambers Pillar and so much more to explore. Driving around Central Australia and the Outback is such a unique experience, it is stunning but also harsh.

The view can switch from harsh to beautiful very quickly as some places are hidden until you walk up real close. Then you get to see the amazing view!

Walking into Kings Canyon is like that, when you first see the Canyon from the ledge it is extroadinary and very much a WOW moment.

Ormiston Gorge is a hidden beauty, we walked in, went around the corner, we stayed, we loved it.

You can see Uluru, the Olgas and Chambers Pillar from a distance as you drive towards them so you know what to expect as far as what they look like. Of course with a close up look there is plenty of exploring you can do and beautiful views to find.

When you adventure tour Australia the Red Centre is a 'must see' destination, many locations can be driven to on sealed roads. Except for a few places like the Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve which must be driven into with a four wheel drive vehicle which has the bonus of making it more secluded and quieter.

If you don't have a four wheel vehicle all these locations can be visited using organised tours, you will be able to find more information at Alice Springs and other tourism centres in the area for you adventure tour Australia holiday.

Alice Springs - Central Australia

Alice Springs is surrounded by the MacDonnell Ranges, this photo below shows us driving into Alice Springs with the MacDonnell Ranges in the distance. Which is a spectacular view, when you get closer to the town you actually drive between the ranges.

driving alice springs macdonnell ranges

Driving into the unique Alice Springs

"Alice Springs has the beautiful feature of the East and West MacDonnell Ranges through the town, we have stayed at Heavitree Gap Lodge that had the ranges virtually in their backyard, it was a great view.

Alice Springs has many other great attractions like the Alice Springs Desert Park, the Telegraph Station, the Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air, visit Anzac Hill, Sounds of Starlight show and much more. You can also go for a camel ride, a balloon ride and a quad bike tour."

Uluru - Ayers Rock

Uluru - Ayers Rock and is spectacular, driving towards Uluru is absolutely mesmerising. The view from the top is incredible, the walk around the base is very interesting also which took over two hours as it is about an eight kilometre trek.

ayers rock central australia

My first photo of Uluru Ayers Rock from the road side.

"This photo was taken as we were driving towards the huge Ayers Rock. Uluru is a very popular attraction to photograph so there are many thousands of pictures of Uluru published.

They are taken from all angles and in different seasons showing the amazing colour changes that occur depending on if is the wet or dry season, time of day and weather conditions.

Climbing Uluru is an option you may choose to do or not to do. Seeing it and being there is an exciting experience and recommended when you adventure tour Australia. Walking around part or all of the base is certainly worth doing and most visitors will be happy doing that."

Kata Tjuta - Olgas

Kata Tjuta are also known as the Olgas, they are in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. They are a group of domes that you can walk between and around. There are thirty six domes and the tallest is over five hundred metres high, much higher than Uluru.


Driving towards the massive domes of Kata Tjuta or Olgas

"There are two organised walks you can do at Kata Tjuta, the shorter one is called the 'Walpa Gorge Walk' and the longer walk is the 'Valley of the Winds' which is over seven kilometres. One of the many highlights when you travel the Outback on your adventure tour Australia holiday."

Kings Canyon - Watarrka National Park

Kings Canyon is a massive chasm that is in Watarrka National Park. You can walk around the top rim and also through the valley that has permanent waterholes and lush vegetation.

kings canyon watarrka national park central australia

Looking along the scenic Kings Canyon

"Kings Canyon is about three hundred kilometres west of Alice Springs and is on the Mereenie Loop. You can stay at the Kings Canyon Resort which caters for campers to luxury accommodation. Kings Canyon is a short seven kilometre drive away from the resort.

The walk around the rim of Kings Canyon is a six kilometre trek that is challenging in some parts, the views are really worth seeing. There is also a shorter easier walk through the centre of the canyon."

Palm Valley - Finke National Park

Palm Valley is in the Finke National Park and you can get to Palm Valley from the Mereenie Loop. This photo was taken as we walked through the Palm Valley surrounded by the Red Cabbage palm trees that it was named after. It is a beautiful walk for several hours exploring the Valley.

palm valley finke national park australia

Walking through the dry creek bed at Palm Valley

"Palm Valley is about a two hours drive from Alice Springs and a four wheel drive vehicle is required to be able to drive in the park.

There is a nice shady campground where you can base yourselves to go for drives and walks throughout the park. There is a stunning view only five minutes walk away from the campground which I have seen featured in Northern Territory tourism promotions, it is fantastic!"

Ormiston Gorge - Western MacDonnell Ranges

Ormiston Gorge is about 135 kilometres west of Alice Springs on the Larapinta trail in the West MacDonnell National Park. A beautiful place to relax and enjoy the stunning colours of the Outback.

ormiston gorge central australia

Ormiston Gorge is an awesome place to explore

"Visiting Ormiston Gorge will be a highlight of your adventure tour Australia holiday, it is so quiet and relaxing. There is a campground in the park, several walks to enjoy and a waterhole to relax in after an exciting day."

Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve - South of Alice Springs

Chambers Pillar is south of Alice Springs and is a very unusual and unique structure that is slowly being eroded by the wind and rain removing the soft rock. On the base is the signatures of the first explorers that found Chambers Pillar which is so special to see.

chambers pillar alice springs national australia

The very unique Chambers Pillar in the Outback

"The campground is only a short walk from Chambers Pillar so access is very easy. Sunrise and sunset create amazing colour combinations so have your camera ready.

Chambers Pillar is a sandstone structure used by explorers many years ago for navigation as it stands very high just like a beacon. Fortunately for us we can visit Chambers Pillar for pleasure rather than a necessity on our adventure tour Australia holiday."

When you go adventure touring in the Red Centre and the Outback you will discover so many things to do and see that are exciting and adventurous.

You could easily spend a couple of months doing Australia self drive tours in the Outback in Northern Territory, everyday you will be stunned by it's unique beauty.

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