Our Northern Adventure Trips In Australia Including Travelling
The Gibb River Road

Northern Australia is where adventure trips In Australia are so special and spectacular. I am sharing our 4x4 adventure holiday experiences with you so you can be inspired to visit this amazing part of Australia.

Several times we have travelled to Central Australia and the Top End from Victoria.

On our First Big Trip we drove up the Stuart Highway, visited Central Australia and kept going north to the Top End, visited Darwin and Kakadu National park and drove home through Outback Queensland and New South Wales.

The first town we visited in the Top End was Mataranka, we got out of the car and could not believe it.

It was actually hot (compared to Victoria). Hot enough for 'Victorians' to go swimming - apparently the locals say it is too cold.

darwin road map

Road map of Darwin and surrounding area

After enjoying the thermal pools at Mataranka we travelled further up the Stuart Highway, then we stayed at and visited Katherine, Litchfield National Park, Darwin, Berry Springs, cruised the Adelaide River and explored Kakadu National Park.

gibb river road sign

The start or finish sign for the Gibb River Road

"The signpost above 'with kids' is the start or the finish of the Gibb River Road near Derby which is not far from Broome on the coast. The Gibb River Road has been described as one of the many 'must do' exciting adventure trips in Australia and that is exactly what it is.

It is recommmended that four wheel drive vehicles are used as it is rough and corrugated. It is graded occasionally so if you are lucky enough to be driving after the grader has been past the conditions will be better.

All away along the Gibb River Road there are a variety of beautiful landscapes to admire on the way past or even better have a rest break and take some photos. Sometimes there are steep cliffs, rocky outcrops with boab trees and scenery with amazing shades of colour."

Going to the Kimberley was the second one of our adventure trips in Australia, which is so unique and one of the very popular adventure trips in Australia. To get to the Kimberley we drove to Alice Springs in Central Australia, then we travelled the Tanami Track for two long days.

kimberley road map western australia

Road map of the Kimberley in Western Australia

Our first stop in the Kimberley was at the Wolfe Creek Crater which is quite bizarre, a massive hole about a kilometre across. Recently made famous by the John Jarratt's scary movie 'Wolfe Creek'.

We then stayed our first night in the Kimberley at Halls Creek on the Great Northern Highway. We then explored, the Bungle Bungles, Fitzroy Crossing, Broome, Cape Leveque and Derby.

Derby is the gateway to the start of the 'Gibb River Road'. We had some information about the 'Gibb'. No way could we imagine the harshness and the beauty that we experienced.

The places we visited on the Gibb River Road were just magnificent. Bells Gorge, Old Mornington Station, Mount Barnett Station, Manning Falls and El Questro which was the last destination on the eastern end of the Gibb River Road.

At Kununurra we camped on the edge of Lake Kununurra and then we travelled to the huge Lake Argyle. Which were the last places we visited in the Kimberley and both were stunning in their own unique ways.

I was fascinated by the very unique Boab trees that were everywhere. So I ended up with a few too many photos of them, here is one of them.

boab tree kimberley

Boab tree on the side of the Gibb River Road

"The only place that boab trees grow in Australia is in the Kimberley as they need the dry wet season to survive. In the wet season the soak all the water they can just and that keeps them alive during the dry season.

That is why they have a huge trunk, when they are hundreds of year old they have been used as a prison inside the trunk. Two of these 'prison trees' are still surviving, one in Derby and the other is near Wyndham. I have seen the one in Derby and around the trunk is over fourteen metres."

One of our favourite adventure trips in Australia is Fraser Island QLD where everything is absolutely unique and very adventurous as travel anywhere must be in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The 75 mile beach is a recognised highway, Lake Mckenzie, Eli Creek and the Champagne Pools are stunning just to name a few.

It probably is not possible to see all of Northern Australia. What you do and see you will remember and treasure as Australia is truly unique.

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