My Top Australia Holiday Photo Snapshots Of Australian Travel Destinations

A travel Australia holiday photo album or slideshow are a great way to display your digital or printed photos.

They are an excellent reminder of where you have been and what you have experienced on your holidays.

It is very special when you look at a photo and smile - then the photo takes you back to that exciting, beautiful or fun place. Finding ways to take better photos can sometimes be a challenge but it is well worth the effort.

Australia has thousands of places to visit and things to do that are just amazing.

Everyone has different ideas for what a holiday should be like. Australia has everything from the relaxing holiday to the extreme experiences.

These digital Australia holiday photo snapshots are some of my favourites from many places in Australia.

Simpson Desert - Near Birdsville Outback Qld

Eastern Central Australia has many interesting Outback towns like Oodnadatta, Innamincka and Birdsville. This Australia holiday photo was taken at the first sand hill of the Simspon Desert called 'Big Red' a short drive from Birdsville.

To four wheel drive up 'Big Red' is a well known challenge which was conquered. The view from the top of 'Bid Red' was amazing, we could see for a very long way. Kids are experts at finding 'interesting' things to do as you can see in this photo - Superman Jumps!

australia holiday photo Simpson Desert Birdsville Outback Qld

Seaplane - Lake Kununurra WA

When we stayed at Kununurra we stayed in a Holiday Park which was alongside Lake Kununurra. We chose to camp on the bank of Lake Kununurra which has hundreds of freshwater crocodiles in it.

Occasionally on our holidays we would meet different 'characters' sometimes people or animals. This time it was a fresh water crocodile who comes near the banks edge at the same time of the day in the same place which was about 100 metres from where we were camping. His name was 'George' he was sort of cute for a crocodile. His photo is on this road trip planning page.

The seaplane in the photo was moored several hundred metres away from our camp, I heard it start up and I knew it would be going past our camp as I saw it the day before. I raced for the closest camera, which was a disposable panoramic camera, I only had time for one photo. Amazingly enough it turned out to be excellent.

australia holiday photo sea plane lake kunnunurra the kimberley

Dingo On Fraser Island Beach Qld

Fraser Island is an awesome place to visit, it is the largest sand island in the world. We have been there 3 times and each time we camped either behind the beach or in a campground, everytime is a new adventure. Lake McKenzie is just amazing and so beautiful and relaxing.

This photo was taken the first time we were staying on Fraser Island, the dingo was wandering along the beach keeping away from us a bit and we did the same.

australia holiday photo Dingo fraser island Beach Qld queensland

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney NSW

Visiting Sydney and seeing the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and cruising the harbour is very special. Many times we have seen the harbour on TV for many special occasions like the New Years Eve Fireworks it is far better to see it in real life.

This Australia holiday photo shows people doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, last time we were there. I haven't done the Bridge Climb but I would love too, the view must be amazing.

Sunrise - Murray River Vic/NSW

Many times we have camped on the banks of the Murray River in many locations, each part of the Murray River has different scenic views.

This Australia holiday photo of a colourful sunrise was taken while we were enjoying a week on a houseboat. We were towing our 'tinnie' fishing boat which is in the foreground of the photo and adds interest to the image.

australia holiday photo Sunrise sunset Murray River Victoria NSW new south wales

Sunset - Cable Beach Broome WA

Broome is an exciting tropical town with plenty to do including admiring the beautiful pearls in the many shops. When we arrived at Broome we setup camp and walked to Cable Beach as soon as we could.

The image below is what greeted us, it was so stunning. As the sun set the colours changed dramatically, we stayed as long as we could mesmerised and really enjoying the sights and sounds of Cable Beach Broome.

The next night we drove our 4WD vehicles on to the beach and enjoyed watching the camels again and the sun setting along with several hundred people on Cable beach and sitting at the cafe behind the beach. Cable Beach is one of many beautiful beaches in Australia.

australia holiday photo Sunset - Cable Beach Broome WA

Driving Into Palm Valley - NT

We travelled with another family to Central Australia and we visited Uluru-Ayers Rock and stayed at the Ayers Rock Campground. We camped next to 2 families who we got friendly with and after we left the campground we met up with them at Kings Canyon Resort and then travelled together to Palm Valley in Finke National Park. Both places are on the Mereenie Loop which is the gravel road between Alice Springs and Uluru the Ayers Rock area.

The photo below shows all four vehicles driving across sand into the Palm Valley campground, we stayed there for several days. Then we continued to Alice Springs and drove up the Stuart Highway to the Top End for more exciting adventures.

australia holiday photo driving palm valley central australia outback

Rocky Outcrop - Mornington Wilderness Park

Driving the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Northern Territory is an awesome experience, the Gibb River Road has many amazing locations but it also can be harsh and unforgiving and anyone travelling on it must be prepared with extra safety plans and vehicle repairs.

We visited Bells Gorge, Manning Gorge, ElQuestro and other places including Mornington Station now named Mornington Wilderness Park. This Australia holiday photo is of a rocky outcrop that was right behind out campsite. Amazing isn't it, I love the very unique boab trees, a few of us climbed to the top which you can see in the photo.

australia holiday photo picture Rocky Outcrop  Mornington Wilderness Park the Kimberley

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