About Australia Travel Facts And Tips For Planning Your Adventure Holiday

Knowing some Australia travel facts and tips will make your adventure travel trips more interesting as you plan and enjoy your holiday.

When you are travelling you will learn plenty more Australia travel facts as you visit Australian towns, attractions the many other things to do.

When we travel Australia we try to learn about the history of the area that we are visiting, everywhere has some history or interesting facts to discover.
An example is when we toured eastern Central Australia - Innamincka is where the monuments for the Australian explorers Burke and Wills and the 'Dig' Tree are.

The 'Dig' tree is a Coolibah tree still standing and an amazing reminder of our history. For more information about Burke and Wills www.burkeandwills.net.au

Our Australian explorers did an amazing job to travel by horse and cart and being navigated by the stars, no roads to follow like we have today.

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Travel Australia Planning Tips

  • To travel around Australia is approx 15,600 kilometres around the mainland and 1400 kilometres around the main roads of Tasmania. Add on extra kilometres for sidetracking to visit attractions etc.
  • To start planning your itinerary put a map in front of you and mark or write down where you are interested in going. Adjust your road trip or holiday itinerary until it suits your family or other travellers.
  • To find out more information about your destinations phone the Tourist Info Centre or search for the website online.
  • When you are buying a travel guide or accommodation guide check whether the authors of the book have actually travelled Australia and are writing from experience.
  • When travelling we all need to find some suitable accommodation which could staying in tents, your own camper or RV or a hotel, motel or resort. The price can vary from being free for a campsite or hundreds of dollars per night.
  • Another great Australia travel fact is that the best time to travel north is in the cooler months of May to September. Northern Queensland, the Top End, the Red Centre and most of Western Australia

Australia's seasons are

  • Summer – from December to February
  • Autumn – from March to May
  • Winter – from June to August
  • Spring – from September to November

Driving Australia Travel Facts And Tips

  • When travelling Australia your main costs are fuel, accommodation, food, activities, souvenirs and hopefully not repairs.
  • Be sensible with how many hours you travel per day, try to allow a few hours to relax after you have setup camp. Arriving around 4 o'clock or about 2 hours before sunset.
  • If you are interested in saving money when you are travelling try to stay in as many free or cheap campsites as possible.
  • Do not attempt to cross flooded rivers and creeks unless you are sure of the water depth and possible road surface damage.
  • Road speed limits differ between states but are generally 100 to 110 kilometres per/hour on the highways and 50 to 60 kilometres per/hour in towns.
  • It’s best to avoid driving early in the morning and during or after dusk. The wildlife is generally more active at these times and can often wander onto the road.

Driving around the Western half of Australia

  • To travel the western half from Port Augusta SA (near Adelaide) to Katherine NT (near Darwin) is approximately 7,000 kilometres.

Driving around the Eastern half of Australia

  • To travel the eastern half from Port Augusta SA to Katherine NT including Tasmania is about 8,000 kilometres

Driving North / South

  • To travel north / south from Port Augusta to Katherine on the Stuart Highway is about 3,000 kilometres, allowing for travelling to Uluru - Ayers Rock, which is about 500 kilometres.

About Australia Travel Facts

  • Australia is the sixth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil.
  • Australia’s area is 7,617.930 sq km and the population is over 22 million.
  • The Australian coastline is almost 50,000 kilometres long and linked by about 11,000 beaches.
  • Mount Kosciusko in New South Wales is the highest point above sea level at 2230 metres.
  • Lake Eyre in South Australia is fifteen metres below sea level which is the lowest point in Australia.
  • The biggest artificial lake in Australia is Lake Argyle in Western Australia, at full capacity it can hold about 30 times more than the Sydney Harbour.
  • Australia's longest river is the Murray River the total length is about at about 2500 kilometres. The Murray Darling Basin is a combination of the Murray River, Darling River and Upper Darling River.

About Australia Facts

  • There are over 140 species of Aussie marsupials, they include possums, kangaroos, numbats, bilbys, bandicoots, koalas and wombats.
  • The Murray Darling River Basin covers about 14 percent of Australia which helps sustain the wheat and wool etc farmers.
  • Most of the large cities are situated along the coast with the beach and the bush within easy reach Australia has an outdoors type lifestyle with barbecues being very popular.
  • In Central Australia is the outback city of Alice Springs which is near the stunning natural features of Uluru a very popular 'huge' rock. These pictures of Uluru show how awesome it is.
  • There are 2 main wine making regions - the Barossa Valley near Adelaide in South Australia and the Hunter Valley north of Sydney in New South Wales.
  • In the north of Western Australia are the Kimberleys, home of the world’s largest diamond producer - Argyle Diamond Mine. One the coast is Broome which is famous for the finest pearls.
  • The Great Barrier Reef system is the largest structure on earth built by living organisms. About 2,000 different fish species have been identified on the Great Barrier Reef.
Australia travel facts are all interesting and they show how unique Australia is for some aspects. When you are travelling see if you can find more fun, unique or amazing facts about Australia.

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