Planning To Drive Australia Travel Info And Holiday Driving Tips

Driving in and around Australia is the dream of many travellers.

These helpful Australia travel info and holiday driving tips will help you plan your own Aussie adventure holiday.

Keep a list of places, destinations, attractions that are recommended to you, you have seen on TV or read about so you have some destination ideas to consider when you start to plan your holiday.

Start creating your holiday using a map and planning your itinerary.

Write a list of some places you would like to visit and fine tune your list until it suits what you. Take into account how long you have to travel eg, 1 week, a month or more, use this as a guide as to how far you can travel.

australia travel info map of australia

  • If you are planning to drive around Australia the suggested time is at least 6 months, 7 months or more is better. Many travellers travel for more than a year and keep going. I have heard of someone travelling for 4 years and still not had seen all of Australia.
    Australia is huge!
  • Australia has an amazing range of destinations, activities and experiences, which give you many options when you plan your itinerary and holiday.
  • australia-travel info territory wildlife park

    The Birds of Prey display is incredible at the
    Territory Wildlife Park in Berry Springs NT

  • Research your destinations and Australia travel info so you know what accommodation choices are available, what attractions and experiences interest you. If you staying in small or remote towns check that fuel and a supermarket are available if it's going to be necessary to stock up.
  • If you are 4WDriving always take extra care especially when travelling in a location that is completely new to you.
  • Use good quality maps, travel guides and books and the latest Australia travel info. If you are 4WDriving it is worth getting the detailed maps that are available.
  • Travelling around Australia and through the centre is about 18,000 to 22,000 kilometres and that is for a basic trip. A more comprehensive trip could easily be 30,000 kilometres to 100,000 kilometres for the extreme road trip.
  • Many travellers travel and work in Australia for a year or more and just keep going as they love the lifestyle so much.
  • Travelling, driving and holidaying in Australia can be done all year round but the ideal time to visit and travel Central Australia and Northern Australia or the 'Top End' is May to September. The weather at this time of the year is very humid, hot and uncomfortable.

    Visiting Southern Australia is better in October to April, the weather is usually warm to hot at this time of the year.

  • It’s best to avoid driving early in the morning and during or after dusk. Animals are more likely to be more active and walk onto the road. Look out for farm animals or wildlife at all times of the day, especially early and late in the day.
  • On gravel roads in the more remote areas like the Outback you must also be on the lookout for cattle, emus, brumbies and the wildlife. As there is quite often no fences along the roadsides where huge stock stations are situated.
  • We met this 'beast'

    on an outback road in Eastern Central Australia --->

  • For your own safety and the safety of other travellers, always keep to the speed limits. Getting to your destination a few minutes earlier is not worth the risk. Leave early after packing up and get to your next destination about 3 or 4 pm.
  • Make sure your vehicle is mechanically ready for a long drive and if you are towing a camper or trailer check that it is capable and mechanically sound before you leave. Also do regular checks as recommended by your mechanic and have the latest Australia travel info.
  • australia-travel-info outback australia

    'This photo is the perfect example of why you should not tow a trailer that is not suitable and you should carry repair tools etc.
    We came across this man and vehicle in outback Central Australia not far from Cordillo Downs Station. The leaf spring had broken off due to rust and rough roads. Our men were able to attach the leaf spring temporarily using heavy wire and a hand drill. While they were busy we played with his dog and pup - Harry & Sally.'

  • Holidaying on a budget you can still get out and see all the sights, enjoy being with your family and friends and meeting new people. There are many free and cheap activities that you can enjoy.
  • Plan your trip with the ability of your vehicle in mind. If you are driving a conventional car, station wagon or campervan stay mostly on bitumen roads. With a four wheel drive vehicle you can go on much rougher and remote roads, through creek crossings, drive on sand etc.
  • Australia has a natural beauty that you will discover as you drive country roads, past mountains, along the coast, through rainforests, drive over desert hills, arrive at friendly country towns, embrace the National Parks unique beauty and so much more around every corner.

    Read the latest Australia Travel Info, other travellers experiences, research maps & books etc.
    Then you can have your own Great Aussie Adventure Holiday!

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