Australia Travel Information Tips For Your Unique Australian Vacation

Preparing for a holiday is exciting

Be prepared for your 'best ever' holiday and start collecting your australia travel information including destination and accommodation ideas, flights and vehicle option How much preparation you need to do usually depends how long you are travelling for and how many different places you are visiting.

A holiday for a month will need much less planning than travelling half way around Australia in 3 or 4 months.

Planning and preparing for a 4 wheel driving trip in remote areas will need more planning than a road trip on the main highways of Australia.

These Australia travel information tips will give you many ideas and suggestions about travelling Australia.

They will also assist you to start thinking about what you need to do when preparing and planning for your holiday.

Australia has many unique and beautiful destinations you can enjoy and experience, many types of adventures and of course many ways to have a beautiful relaxing holiday. 

 australia travel information bungle bungles kimberleys

The Bungle Bungles - Kimberley North East Western Australia

"This image of the Bungle Bungles in the the Kimberley is one of my favourite photos, it is very typical of the Outback and Top End with the green vegetation, red rock and beautiful blue sky.

The Bungle Bungles are in the Purnululu National park. The beehive looking domes look interesting from a distance, up close they have hundreds of layers and an amazing range of colours.

To see the domes from the air is an amazing experience as there are hundreds of domes which create the most unusual landscape. If you would rather have an adventure walk amongst the domes there are stunning features like Echidna Chasm and Mini Palms Gorge and much more."

The choice is endless....

  • Watching stunning sunrises and sunsets.
  • Whale watching from Australia's coastline or on a cruise.
  • Stay in a Health Retreat and be pampered with massages, spas and beautiful food in serenity.
  • Swimming in thermal pools or seeing Crocs in their natural habitat in the Top End.
  • Have a week or more on a houseboat that all the trimmings and slowly cruise a river or lake.
  • Lazing on the beach or next to a pool in a 'must see' location.
  • Visit Uluru in the Outback or unique Coober Pedy and visit and stay at an Outback pub.

Planning Your Holiday

There are many things you must think about when you are planning a holiday in Australia, so these How To Plan A Holiday and Australia travel information tips will help you.

Budgeting For Your Holiday

Most of us think of our travel budget when we are planning a holiday or vacation so finding cheaper ways of travelling, using cheaper accommodation and finding free activities are important.

  • Camping in Australia's many Holiday Parks or National Parks are a great alternative. Using these Money Saving Travel Tips and these Camping Ideas will give you many more suggestions and ideas.

Long Distance Driving

Australia is a huge country, slightly larger than Europe and smaller than the United States. If you plan to drive everywhere, some of our cities and tourist attractions in Australia are a long distance apart.

Here are a few examples of Australia travel information distances and approximate number of days it may take to drive each route, these are approxiamate and to be used as a guide.

  • Melbourne to Adelaide or Sydney is about 960 kilometres.
    This road trip could be done in 2 or 3 days, longer if you visit and stay at many towns along the way.
  • Adelaide to Alice Springs is about 1530 kilometres.
    Adelaide to Alice Springs is about a four day road trip - Adelaide to Woomera, Coober Pedy, Erldunda (Cnr Stuart Hwy and Lassiter Hwy - this is also the turn off to go to Uluru-Ayers Rock) then drive to Alice Springs.
    Some drivers will do this road trip in 3 days others will make it a 5 or more days road trip.
  • Melbourne to Brisbane is about 1700 to 2100 kilometres and several days driving depending which route you drive.
    The most direct route is driving inland via Dubbo - 1730 kilometres.
    - Inland via Canberra and Sydney then along the coast - about 2000 kilometres.
    - Along the coast is about 2000 kilometres.
  • Sydney to Perth or Darwin is about 4000 kilometres and will take at least a week if you are driving everyday, but of course you could also take a month and enjoy the view along the way.
  • Adelaide to Darwin is about 3200 kilometres and about 6 days driving everyday or a sightseeing road trip could take several weeks to a month.

australia road map australia travel information

Map of Australia showing the Main Highways

Travel Resources

Australia Travel Information is very necessary when preparing and planning for your holiday. You can find a great variety of information on the internet, at your local camping and 4WD stores, newsagent, book shops etc. Here are some of the types of resources you will find very useful.

  • There are many types of maps including road map books or the fold out type.
  • Online maps are an excellent resource for your Australia travel information like this street, business directory and Australia road maps
  • Online travel guides, travel guide books for specific destinations or regions.
  • Accommodation guides including camping.
  • Local town or region guides usually available from the Tourist Information Centre in the town you are visiting.
  • Brochures promoting towns, regions, tours, attractions and events.

    Absolutely Australia is an excellent website for Australia Travel Information.

Travel Insurance

It is very important to have travel insurance it gives you the assurance that when something does go wrong you will get assistance with a payout, replacement, or emergency accommodation etc.

  • Travel insurance covers lost luggage, cancelled flights or tours and much more. Look for Cheap Holiday Travel Insurance that will cover you if necessary, hopefully nothing will go wrong but it is a possibility.

Travel Packing Tips

Use these travel packing tips for suggestions. When you are packing your luggage, be prepared for cool, warm or hot weather depending on where you are travelling and what time of the year.

  • All types of Australian weather conditions are possible from beautiful sunny hot days, cool to mild days, wet and windy to hot and tropical depending where and when you are travelling.

Holiday Accommodation


There is a great variety of travel accommodation in Australia that caters for all tastes and budgets from camping and backpackers to the luxury resorts and apartments. Here are a few examples of Australian holiday accommodation.

  • Staying in an Outback pub or underground in Coober Pedy.
  • Staying in a lighthouse would be very unique or a farmstay and experience farm life which could be in the Outback or anywhere else you choose.
  • Bed and Breakfast accommodations can be an historic home, a guest house or purpose built building. You will made very welcome, enjoy a home cooked meal and find out plenty of local knowledge.
  • There is a huge range of luxurious resorts to stay at, you could stay on a secluded island or amongst a rainforest in an eco friendly enviroment.
  • Stay in coastal accommodation with a view of a beautiful beach and within walking distance.

 australia travel information birdsville hotel central australia

Birdsville Hotel In Central Eastern Australia

"Birdsville is a very interesting but isolated town which is very well known for the 'Birdsville Hotel' and especially for the 'Birdsville Horse Races' that are held each year.

The towns population is about 100 people but with many travellers visiting this would easily double as it is a very iconic town and a 'must see' destination. We loved visiting Birdsville, it is one of my favourite Outback towns because it is so different and scenic in a unique way."

This Australia travel information for Birdsville is an excellent guide to the races, accommodation, attractions and it's history.

Australia is a beautiful and unique country to travel, visit and experience. This Australia travel information is an introduction to the amazing adventures you can plan and prepare for, enjoy and treasure forever.

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