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Australia is an awesome country to travel

Thinking about going on a holiday is exciting, starting with these about Australia travel tips will get you on your way!

There are so many ways you can travel Australia like using your own vehicle, hiring a car or motorhome, flying, going by rail, or a combination of them.

There is an amazing range of accommodation, attractions and experiences, what you do are usually determined by your budget and what destinations you choose.

These Australia travel tips will give you a few ideas to think about when planning your own holiday.

Which could be a holiday of adventure, a scenic road trip, relaxing on a beach or at a resort, fun at theme parks or a combination of all these 'Aussie' holiday or vacation ideas that can include an exciting mix of experiences.

  • Your expenses when driving in Australia will be the petrol or diesel, campsite fees, cabin or other accommodation costs, meals and drinks, extras for tours, attractions etc.
  • As a general rule visit southern Australia in the warmer months from October to March. It is best to visit northern Australia in the months of April to September as the temperatures and humidity get to uncomfortable levels.
  • If you have about two or four months to travel it is a good length of time to travel either the East half of Australia or West half of Australia. The better option is three to four months to allow more time for sightseeing and relaxing.
lake mckenzie fraser island

My family enjoying the magical Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island

"Lake McKenzie is one of many spectacular places to visit on Fraser Island, there is also Eli Creek which starts inland and flows out to sea, anyone can walk swim or paddle for a refreshing and fun activity. All vehicles must be 4 wheel drive so you can drive throughout the island and on the 75 mile beach which is a recognised highway.

If you are visiting Fraser Island the best Australia travel tips I can give you is always look out for cars when on the beach, be aware of the tide times when driving on the beach and only paddle or fish in the shallow ocean water, do not swim we have seen a shark enjoying a swim in the waves. Take care and you will have an 'Awesome' holiday on Fraser Island."

More Australia Travel Tips

  • If you are flying to a location within Australia remember you have to be at airport at least an hour before departure. International flights usually require you to check in 3 hours prior to departure.
    Be prepared for your flight so you can be more comfortable and organised.
  • Holidaying with toddlers and older children is more work and more fun.
    They see everything different to the way adults see things and they are always ready for adventure.
  • Finding ways to Save money when you are camping is always a big help. This excellent camping guide book will help you find cheap camp grounds and more Australia travel tips.
  • Australia is so large that it is not likely that you will see it all, but even to see sections of it is spectacular, you will have an amazing adventure wherever you go!!

    You can travel a region, several regions, within a state or territory, though several states or territories. Also the east, western or central sections of Australia, across the top end or southern part of Australia.

    The choice is entirely up to you and you need to consider how much time you have to travel and how far you want to travel without trying to do too much in a limited space of time.

  • driving tanami track central western australia

    Driving on the Tanami Track
    Central Australia to Western Australia

    "The most direct way to get to the 'Kimberley' from Central Australia is to drive the 'Tanami Track' which travels in a north-western direction from just above Alice Springs and is about 1000 kilometres of gravel road and two to three days driving.

    The alternative is to drive from Alice Springs to Katherine and then travel westerley to Kununurra NT which is all sealed roads and about 1700 kilometres, there is a slight shortcut through 'Top Springs and Timber Creek', altogther about 3 or 4 days driving.
    Driving the 'Tanami Track' once is enough for us so next time we will take the long way!"

    More Australia Travel Tips

  • Taking photos or pictures of Australia is great fun and it is quite a thrill when you capture that 'stunning' photo, maybe of Uluru or your favourite scenic destinations or experiences. Australia has thousands of places or things to take photos of.
  • How far and how long it takes to travel Australia can vary. It depends on what vehicle used, are you towing a camper or trailer, driving on sealed or gravel roads, how many days or weeks at each town or destination etc.
  • In the Centre of Austalia the temperatures can get up to forty to forty five degrees celsius in summer which is December to February.

    So the best times to travel in central Australia and northern Australia is April to September. The middle months June and July are the coolest months.

  • Your choices of where you travel are just about unlimited. Do you have a wish list of places to see, want to do a unique experience like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, enjoying the beaches or maybe you have a passion you want to fulfil. It's Your Choice!! Start Planning your holiday or Scenic Road Trips with these Australia travel tips!!

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