Most Popular Western Australian Attractions And Road Trip Destinations

The Bungle Bungles, Monkey Mia and the Kimberley are outstanding Western Australian attractions and have huge numbers of tourists visit them every year.

It is amazing that nature can create such a diverse range of landscapes and experiences that are now extremely popular and recommended tourist attractions.

The Kimberley is a great adventure with the Gibb River Road, Broome, Kununurra, ElQuestro, Lake Argyle.
When you are planning your holiday and itinerary this list of Western Australia attractions will give you plenty of ideas for things to do as you travel and destinations to visit.

We all are interested in different types of Australia attractions so most likely you will find several or many attractions on this list to visit on your holiday.

Remember to take plenty of digital photos or video, Australia has so many unique things to do and places to see that you will want to capture the images and experiences.

western australia attractions gibb river road the kimberley

Driving the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Western Australia

"Driving on the Gibb River Road is a huge adventure, it is rough and tough, the scenery changes from beautiful to awesome around every bend, walking into the gorges is hot and dusty but sitting under a cascade of refreshing water sure makes up for it.

Boab trees can live for more than a thousand years and are growing every where in the Kimberley. Along the roadside, amongst huge rock outcrops and cliffs, at campgrounds, holiday parks and in the towns. The oldest recognised boab tree is in Derby which is near Broome, many years ago it was used as a prison because its trunk was so huge and hollow."

Western Australia Regions

  • North West - Broome, the Kimberley, Karijini National Park, Lake Argyle, Bungle Bungles.
  • Coral Coast - Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Pinnacles, Monkey Mia.
  • Golden Outback - Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Wave Rock.
  • Perth and Surrounds - Rottnest island, Mandurah, Swan Valley, Fremantle.
  • South West - Margaret River, Albany, Denmark, Stirling Range National park.

Map of Western Australia

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Family Friendly Australian Attractions

Adventure World - Perth
At Adventure World you will experience the excitement of Perth's best amusement park with more than 30 thrill rides and waterslides. Excellent fun for all ages on a hot day.

Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk - Denmark
The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk gives you an amazing birds eye view 40 metres above the forest floor. Then you can go down and explore the 'Ancient Empire' which ia a grove of veteran tingle trees. Enjoying nature close up are always very popular Australian Attractions.

Bonneys Water Ski Park - Baldivis
Bonney's Water Ski Park is a friendly and safe enviroment for all types of water boat activities like skiing, boarding, tube rides etc.

The Maze Family Fun Park - Near Perth
The Maze Family Fun Park has plenty of activities for all the family including 7 different mazes, mini golf, disc golf, giant garden chess, koalas, kangaroos, emus, native birds.

The kodja Place - Kojonup
The Kodja Place is a cultural centre that brings alive the stories of people of the Kojonup area. With state of the art designs, technologies and simple directness of the Noongar style of story telling. The centre is the result of many people working together in 'cross cultural' harmony.

Mount Romance The Sandalwood Factory - Albany
Mt Romance is the world’s largest producer of sandalwood oil. The tours are free and give visitors an insight into the history of the Australian Sandalwood industry and the sandalwood oil extraction process.

Fudge Factory - Margaret River
At the Margaret River Fudge Factory you are able to watch the confectionery being made by hand in front of you. Try all 36 superb flavours and 'old fashioned' candies.

Swan Valley Wagon Trails
One of many very popular Australian attractions in Western Australia. Clydesdale drawn wagons deliver you to all the sights, tastes and experiences of this historic wine region.

The Aquarium of WA - Perth
Explore the beautiful and unusual marine life that live all the way along the West Australian coast, all twelve thousand kilometres of it.

SciTech Discovery Centre - Perth
SciTech Discovery Centre has over 100 exhibits that everyone can explore, science performances, a digital studio, a CSIRO science lab and Australasia’s largest planetarium.

Natures Scenic Western Australian Attractions

Rottnest Island
Rottnest island is 20km northwest of the coast of Fremantle and is perfect for a relaxing getaway holiday. The coral reefs are excellent for diving and snorkelling.

Bell Gorge - Gibb River Road
The Gibb River Road is for 4 Wheel Drive vehicles only and has some amazing scenery to see. The road goes between Derby near Broome and Kununurra.

Monkey Mia - Near Denham
Monkey Mia is famous for the bottlenose dolphins that come ashore almost every day to the delight of onlookers and they wait to get fed.

The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park
In the Nambung National Park is the fascinating Pinnacles Desert, thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from the shifting yellow sands.

Lake Argyle - The Kimberley
Lake Argyle is a massive manmade lake that is one of the most spectacular Australian attractions in Western Australia. It is many times larger than Sydney Harbour with an an abundance of wildlife.

Wave Rock - Hyden
Wave Rock is a fascinating formation that is 15 metres high and 100m metres long that looks like a huge wave just about to break.

Karijini National Park - Pilbara Region
Karijini National Park is the second largest national park in the Pilbara Western Australia There is breathtaking gorges, waterfalls, crystal clear rock pools and stunning scenery.

Mount Augustus - Mount Augustus National Park
Mount Augustus is twice the size of Ayers Rock and 717 metres high, the giant rock features culturally significant Aboriginal art. Visitors can enjoy the natural spring located the base of Mount Augustus.

Cable Beach - Broome
Cable Beach is quite often voted in the top ten best beaches as it is a very pristine beach with the beautiful turquoise Indian Ocean and stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Buccaneer Archipelago - Near Derby
The Buccaneer Archipelago is more than 800 islands covering an area of 50 square kilometres. The highlight is seeing the Horizontal Falls on a flight or a cruise.

Derby Prison Tree
In the Kimberley you will see plenty of boab trees, near Derby there is a huge boab tree that was used as a prison cell in the 1890s, the circumference is over 14 metres.

Most Popular Western Australian Attractions

Historic Western Australian Attractions

Sun Pictures Outdoor Cinema - Broome
The Sun Picures outdoor cinema was officially opened on December 9th 1916 with a silent movie. Now days you can watch the latest movies every night under the stars at the World's oldest Picture Gardens.

The Bell Tower - Perth
The Bell Tower is a towering glass spire that could be the worlds biggest musical instrument, take the lift to the top of the Bell Tower and enjoy the wonderful views.

Bridgedale House - Bridgetown
Bridgedale House is the oldest house in Bridgetown and is a National Trust Property. There is a great collection of memorabilia on display,

Busselton Jetty Experience
Busselton Jetty is made of timber and is nearly two kilometres long. The jetty has an observatory, train and many recreational uses.

Argyle Downs Homestead Museum - Lake Argyle
The Argyle Downs Homestead Museum givers visitors a fascinating insight into the lives of the Duracks who were early pioneers in the Kimberley and were a prominent pastoral family.

Albany Old Gaol Museum - Albany
The Old Gaol Museum at Albany is a look back to the era of convicts in the mid 1800s. Visitors can explore the cell blocks and learn about the colourful history of the gaol.

western australia attractions the pinnacles namburg national park

The unique Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park
Western Australia

"The Nambung National Park is about three hours drive north of Perth so it is an excellent day trip destination. Nature has been creating the Pinnacles for many thousands of years so we can admire and photograph them for many years to come.

Numbung National Park also has beautiful beaches which are part of the Indian Ocean which you can drive alongside most of the way up the west coast. Hangover Bay is a very popular beach and picnic area, it is only a short drive from the entrance to Nambung National Park.

In spring the wildflowers are on display in many parts of Western Australia including the Nambung National Park and many other national parks and destinations like the Pilbara, Esperance, Perth, the goldfields, Albany and Wave Rock area. They delight many travellers that travel long distances just to see them in all their glory."

Wildlife Western Australian Attractions

Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre - Margaret River
The Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre is set in 12 hectares of bushland, view more than 80 Australian birds of prey. Enjoy watching 'free flight' displays of captive bred birds.

Broome Bird Observatory
On the shores of Roebuck Bay near Broome, the Broome Bird Observatory has a prolific number of migratory shorebirds. The observatory offers a variety of daily guided tours.

Broome Crocodile Park
The Broome Crocodile Park has over 1000 reptiles including the saltwater crocodile, the freshwater crocodile, the exotic alligator. Take a guided feeding tour and see crocodiles that have been caught and relocated.

Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre
The Dolphin Discovery centre is located on the beautiful shores of Koombana Bay and is an interactive experience. Explore the Discovery Room, enjoy a swim tour, the cafe and boat cruises.

Big Swamp Wildlife Park - Bunbury
Big Swamp Wildlife Park is in Bunbury and has over sixty species of Australian birds and mammals. The park has landscaped aviaries and gardens and you can hand feed the free roaming kangaroos and wallabies.

Armadale Wildlife And Reptile Centre - Wungong
The Armadale Reptile Centre houses a large variety of native reptiles and other wildlife with over 50 different species on display.

Wild Encounters and Penguin Island - Rockingham
Penguin Island is a 5 minute ferry ride from the mainland, see the little penguins being fed and take a glass bottom boat cruise to view rare Australian Sea Lions.

Caversham Wildlife Park And Zoo - Whiteman
Caversham Wildlife Park and Zoo has one of the largest collections of native fauna in Western Australia. You can see the farm show, have a camel ride and meet the animals.

Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo is a great place to spend the day, there are reptiles, birds, mammals and many unique animals from Australia.

Busselton Underwater Observatory
The Busselton Underwater Observatory is nearly 2 kilometres out to sea at the end of the Busselton jetty. Enjoy the amazing experience of descending under the sea to view an amazing array of over 300 marine species.

Camel Treks - Cable Beach Broome
Camel rides happen most days at Cable Beach and are an interesting way to see the beautiful Cable Beach. You can sit back on your deck chair and watch them or climb aboard for a unique experience. Cable beach and the camel treks are very popular and well known Western Australian attractions.

Museums Galleries Tours Australian Attractions

Art Gallery Of Western Australia - Perth
The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a public gallery that is part of the Perth Cultural Centre and exhibits over 15,000 pieces of artwork.

Western Australia Maritime Museum - Fremantle
The Western Australian Maritime Museum resembles an upside-down boat, has 'hands on' exhibits and many other exciting exhibits for everyone to enjoy, guided tours are available.

western australia attractions wave rock nullarbor

The huge and amazing Wave Rock in Hyden Western Australia

"Wave Rock is another one of the Australian attractions that nature has created to make us stand in awe and wonder why and how is this possible! The rock is constantly wind blown to create the image of a real ocean wave just about to curl over and crash.

Wave rock is about three hundred kilometres south east of Perth and three kilometres from the small town of Hyden. There are several other smaller versions of Wave Rock in the area along with other rock formations with curious names like the Hippos Yawn, the Humps and Camel Peaks.

The rock measuress 110 metres long and fourteen metres high, that is a bit less than half of the biggest surf wave ever recorded in Hawaii which was 30 metres or 90 feet high. The biggest wave recorded in Australia was nearly twenty metres high and that was off the west coast of Tasmania."

Interesting Western Australian Attractions

This list of interesting Western Australian attractions is a mix of tours and places to relax in a variety of locations. Some have guided tours, self driving tours or walking tours at your leisure.

The Chocolate Factory - Margaret River and Swan Valley
The Chocolate Factory has to be one of the many favourite Western Australian attractions, you can try and buy high quality chocolate made fresh daily and view their chocolate making process through a glass panel.

Kalbarri Wildflower Centre
The Kalbarri Wildflower Centre has a spectacular display of 200 species of West Australian flowers which have been conveniently labelled, take a guided tour of the flowers with an experienced botanist.

IronBark Brewery - Swan valley
Enjoy the unique Aussie beer at the Ironbark Brewery in a distinctly Aussie beer garden and cafe.

The Super Pit - Kalgoorlie-Boulder
The Super Pit is the largest Open Pit Mine in Australia and would have to be of the most unique Western Australian attractions.

Margaret River Food And Wine
Margaret River region is ranked among the world’s most famous wine and is mostly made up of small boutique wine producers. Take a self drive tour or an organised tour to sample the local wine and food.

The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint, is one of the world’s oldest mints and it is located in one of Western Australia’s most historic buildings. Visitors are welcome to experience the wealth of treasures on display. The Perth Mint is one of the Western Australian attractions that is described as a premier tourist destination.

Argyle Diamond Mine Tour
The Argyle Diamond Mine is the world's largest producing diamond mine and sure to be a very popular Western Australian Attraction. Tours can be arranged either by coach or flight departing from Kununurra.

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