Our Southern Australian Holidays Visiting Great Road Trip Destinations

Your Australian holidays can be enjoyed in many locations and destinations in Southern Australia, there is no limit to how many activities and experiences you can see, do and enjoy.

Great road trips include driving along the beautiful coastlines, seeing great natural features like beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and rivers.

There are also many manmade buildings and structures, which have historical and heritage significance.
We have enjoyed exploring them all with many more on wish list. I have chosen several of my favourite Australian holiday destinations that we have visited in Southern Australia that for a day, several days or a week.

The Murray River Australia - Scenic Serenity

The Murray River flows along the border of New South Wales and Victoria then flows through South Australia and eventually out to sea.

The 'Murray' is very special to us as we have camped along its banks many times in lots of different locations, sometimes in caravan parks but mostly bush camping.

Our kids absolutely love it as they have grown up with it and we all enjoy the great outdoors, the fishing, the campfire, the night sky, the scenery and the serenity.

australian holidays murray river victoria

The Famous Murray River for everyone to enjoy

Sydney the Harbour City

Sydney is of course Australia's capital city, it is huge and a great destination for your Australian holidays. We have been there several times and admired the very famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, enjoyed a cruise.

Last time we were there we met up with friends who live in Sydney and whom we met at Ayers Rock Resort about 10 years ago. They took us on several drives along the coast and inland mainly in southern Sydney. We also drove through the Royal National Park which is the first recognised National Park in the world.

When you visit Sydney you maybe interested in finding the best places to stay, for dining and cocktails and see some amazing views.

australian holidays sydney coastline new south wales

Sydney coastline - the perfect road trip destination

Mount Buffalo in the High Country

Several times we have been to the high country region in the snow season to visit Mount Buffalo to try skiing and to have fun toboganing. We stayed at Bright the first time and then accommodation on the mountain. I love the Mount Buffalo Chalet, I visited it as a child with my parents and it was great to see it again.

australian holidays mount buffalo chalet victoria

Mount Buffalo Chalet - Photo courtesy of smh.com.au

Broken Hill and Silverton

Broken Hill and Silverton are in Outback New South Wales. Broken Hill is an interesting town still very much a thriving mining town and it has attracted many artists and film makers to the region.

A short drive out of town is Silverton which is a very unique old mining town. We found fascinating with its famous Silverton Hotel with a replica of the 'Mad Max' car which is a V8 Interceptor parked out the front.

australian holidays sliverton hotel new south wales

Silverton Hotel - A 'must see' unique location

Echuca and Moama Paddlesteamer Country

Echuca is on the Murray River on the Victorian side and Moama is over bridge on the New South Wales side. Echuca is home to many paddle steamers that have been restored for us to enjoy and imagine what it was like when the Murray River was the 'water' Highway with hundreds of paddle steamers going up and down the river.

The Port of Echuca has kept its historical heritage and has many reminders of yester year which are quite fascinating, especially the Port area and replica building and shops of the era.

australian holidays echuca paddle steamer victoria

Paddle steamer at Echuca - Photo courtesy of smh.com.au

Melbourne City - Great Holiday Destination

Melbourne ia Victoria's capital city, it is a great destination for your Australian holidays or when you are looking for exciting attractions and experiences.

Melbourne has an endless list of things to do like visiting the Melbourne Zoo or Aquarium, the Crown Casino. Going to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch a cricket match in summer or an AFL football match in winter.

Head for the beach, enjoy Luna Park, scuba dive in Port Phillip Bay or enjoy a cruise, visit Federation Square, The Flower Show, the very famous Melbourne Cup in November, check out Melbourne's markets, China Town, Flinders Street Station and so much more to explore, discover and enjoy.

australian holidays melbourne city

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