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What could be better than backpacking Australia and seeing 'Awesome' attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Bondi Beach then driving to Byron Bay or the Gold Coast to get a tan, go surfing and chill out!

There are many destinations that backpackers love like Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, so much sun, fun and maybe visit the theme parks.

Brisbane, Cairns, Central Australia, the Kimberley, Tassie are also very popular backpacking destinations.

Going on a organised backpacker tour is an easy way to get around and see many attractions and destinations. You can choose the tour that suits you.

If you are looking for adventure, backpacking Australia is great a way to travel on a limited budget. Backpacking is an excellent way to have a budget holiday .

You can experience this beautiful country with the bonus of meeting other backpackers and tourists from all over the world and have a whole lot of fun and excitement.

backpacking australia couple on rocks at beach

Backpacking couple enjoying the coastal view

"Some Backpackers enjoy the coast and the relaxing lifestyle and fun atmosphere that comes with it and other backpackers enjoy the open road and go adventuring in the Outbackand Top End. There is so much to see and things to do, if you are from overseas, Australia most likely will be quite different to home. These road rules may help you.

Backpackers visit Australia from all over the world and travel is done by many means such as by bus - www.greyhound.au buslines are a very economical way to travel anywhere in Australia, also hiring a camper or buying a car and self driving, by rail, taking tours and maybe flying."

Backpacking Australia Tips and Ideas

Before you start on your backpacking adventure layout a map of Australia and write a list of the places you would like to visit.
Organise some or all of them into a circular trip or plan it so you are not back tracking on same roads to avoid wasting travel time.

Be realsitic as driving between cities can take several days or a week or more plus sightseeing time.

It's good to have plans to know what you want to do and see but it is better not to pre book tours and acommodation etc (except for your initial accommodation) until you arrive. Do some more research and get some information from locals, hostel staff and the tourist information centre.

If your time is short - maybe a month or less, consider taking flights between cities and hiring a vehicle or go on organised tours to see the surrounding area.

You can combine some driving along the coast and flying to inland areas like Central Austalia.

Rather than trying to see all of Australia as it is huge, concentrate on one area like the west coast, east coast, Central Australia or Top End etc.

If you have several months or longer to go backpacking Australia you will be able to plan your holiday with more detail and flexibility as to where and when you go.

Have a general idea of what destinations you would like to go and experience. Your main interest maybe be going to Uluru, or finding the best surf waves or exploring our National Parks - the list is endless.

backpacking australia 4 wheel driving beach fraser island queensland

Backpackers camping and four wheel driving on
Fraser Island in Queensland

"Fraser Island is an adventurous and excellent backpacking Australia holiday destination, you will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle, if you don't have one they can be hired on the mainland at Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. You must take extra care when 4WD driving on Fraser Island. Prior to going to Fraser Island you will need a camping permit.

We have been to Fraser Island 3 times and everytime was a great adventure, we camped near the beach so it was only a short walk to see great views and to go fishing. There are great places to drive to like Lake Mckenzie, Eli Creek, Lake Wabby, Kingfisher Bay resort, Champagne Pools, Indian Head and drive through amazing rainforests and see the occasional dingo and goanna etc.
We have also seen sharks, turtles and whales in the ocean."

More Backpacking Australia Tips

Having a good quality guide book will be extremely helpful, also look up online maps, website blogs and forums, backpacking networks, message boards online or at your accommodation.

Information from locals is invaluable, ask for information at your hostel or accommodation. Every city or town will have a free tourist information centre with brochures and travel guides.

You can also find travel guides online and you can purchase a great variety of travel books for backpackers.

Pack lightly and keep your important documents secure. Only carry what you need, a backpack with multiple compartments maybe easier to use than a suitcase, include a small backpack for day trips.

Many thousands of experiences are waiting for you to enjoy while you are backpacking Australia. Some you will pay for and others will be free, quite often they won't be planned or organised they will just happen. Enjoy!!

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