Budget Travel Tips And Ideas For
Your Cheap Holiday In Australia

These budget travel tips, ideas and suggestions will help you save money and stretch your dollars further.

Everyone appreciates saving money especially when planning a budget holiday in Australia.

With some searching on the internet you will be able to find cheaper deals for many types of tours, cheap hire cars, accommodation in many destinations or flights to all cities, many towns and islands.

Look for holiday package deals that include everything you need.

When booking a flight, accommodation etc. you have two choices that may save you money. Either by booking your flight early then you may avoid a sudden price increase or take the chance on a last-minute booking.

If you choose to book early then you will know everything is booked and arranged. Otherwise you are buying tickets or booking late and taking the chance that what you want is still available and taking the risk of missing out.

There is no reason why you can’t have a great holiday when working with a limited budget.
When you are planning a holiday on a budget it is very possible, do some research.

Consider what type of transport, accommodation. activities and extras will be within your budget.

There are many free or cheap activities available when you are holidaying. Including exploring National Parks, having fun at the beach, fishing off a jetty or at a lake or river, many towns have street markets, visit botanical gardens and parks. Also visiting museums, galleries, historical sites can be interesting. Most cities or towns have free activities especially in the school holidays.

When planning your holiday, focus on what you will need first like transport and accommodation, then the other aspects of your holiday. Make a list of what you want to see and do, this will help you determine what you will need to take and how much money you will need.

Backpacking is an exciting way to travel with plenty of freedom as to where you travel and stay and is usually considered as travelling on a budget.
When backpacking Australia you will have unlimited options for excitement and interesting places to visit including our very unique Australian experiences.

If you are not comfortable with booking online there are many travel agents that will help you organise your holiday.

Going camping is another great way to holiday on a budget. Using tents and camping at free or cheap camp sites with minimal amenities. Camping in holiday & caravan parks with all the amenities is still cheap compared to other types of accommodation.

budget trave tips-free bush camping

Bush camping on the banks of the Murray River

There are many travel Australia websites like www.discoveraustralia.com.au that offer budget travel tips, promotions and discounts on tours, accommodation and other specials deals for planning your Aussie holiday.

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