Family Fun Campfire Games For Your Adventure Australia Holidays

Campfires and campfire games are a fun highlight of a camping trip, complete with family and friends, a great meal and a few drinks and snacks.

Sitting around a campfire is a relaxing experience with the flames flickering and with the comfort of keeping everyone warm. Many tall stories are shared, songs maybe sung and jokes told.

We all love playing games, have you tried playing campfire games when you have been camping, they add a bit of fun and laughter for all ages. These camp fire games will get you started you may be able to invent your own fun campfire and camping games each time you go camping in Australia.

While you are playing campfire games, cook some marshmallows on a stick or some other delicious snack like pancakes or camp scones and share them around.

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Sitting Around The Campfire Games

The Continuing Story....

One person starts a story with a sentence,... eg. Once upon a time there was an young boy who..... the next person adds a sentence and so on until every has had a go....or the story can continue as long as you like.

Everytime you will be suprised where the story will lead to...

Trivia Questions...

Take along a pack of Question and Answer cards from a board game of Trivial Pursuit or a similar game suitable for the age group. One person asks questions to each person, if you get the answer right to stay in, if you get it wrong you are out.

The person who answers the most questions right wins.

What Is It?

One person thinks of an ‘object, place or thing’. The other players ask questions to guess what the ‘object, place or thing’ is until the answer is revealed. This game is fun for kids and adults.

To make it a little easier a clue could be added - It is in this campground, it is an animal, it is a town etc.

The Clues and Object Game

One person is chosen to think of an 'object or place etc' that player then gives clues to describe what it is. First one to guess the answer is the winner.

Start a short story

Start with a single word or phrase. The single word or phrase should be one that can start a sentence easily. eg. If I could.... Then each person repeats what has already being said and adds a word. After everyone has added a word you will have a really silly sentence. Can be done with a few people or a group. Great Fun!

Whispers Game

Whispers one of many fun campfire games that is in the 'oldie but goodie' category and is the most popular of the campfire games.

The first player whispers a phrase to the person on their left, until it reaches the last person. The last person then tries to repeat it all, with a roar of laughter. As the phrase gets changed along the way, sometimes on purpose or by accident.

The phrase never ends up the same as it started.

I Spy

Everyone has played this game, it is a great family game that everyone can play.

One person or a child will start by looking around the area and picking an object that everyone can see. That person then says "I spy with my little eye, it something that starts with the letter ...." Then everyone else tries to guess what it is.

The winner then gets a turn to 'I spy'

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Campfire And Night Time Activities

Make Creatures

Use a piece of foil and large pipe cleaners to make a crazy creature etc, Everyone gets the same amount of foil and pipe cleaners (or whatever you choose to use).

Everyone attempts to make a creature or animal (or whatever they like) then someone picks a winner or winners...A lot of fun as some very strange critters are created.

Play Dress Ups

Get dressed up for a meal at camp using what you have at camp like garbage or shopping bags, rope, tape, use a t-shirt for a hat, a towel for a skirt etc. and have fun.

Campfire Cooking

Everyone can help even little kids can be involved, older kids may be able to cook a meal themselves. Cook pancakes they are delicious with honey or lemon and sugar. Toast marshmallows on a long stick without burning them, they are deliciously warm and gooey!

Glow Sticks

Purchase cheap glow sticks at a discount shop, kids love them at night and in their tent.

Play Tag With A Torch

Chase the other players and use the torch light beam to tag people, then it is their turn to chase.

camping games lids playing games australia free camping

Camping Games And Activities

Fun activities can be pre organised or made from imagination. The following may be helpful suggestions and tips. All you need is a fun attitude.

Start a Travel Diary

Write and draw about your holiday, add brochures, postcards and your own drawings. Photos can be added later. If you are on a longer holiday write an entry for each day. It will great to look back on forever.

Water Fights

Water fights are great on a hot day, no one cares about getting wet. Water guns are the best way to have a water fight or get in a pool and plash each other.

Scavenger Hunt

During the day scavenger hunts are always fun and take a while to play. Whoever gets the most items on the list wins.

Look about

Look and walk around your surroundings, there are always interesting things to find. Get together and plan what you are going to do later or the next day.

Treasure Hunt

Start a Treasure hunt, could be done with something obvious bright coloured flags or something harder to find, depending on the age of the children.

The first one to find the most items wins or for older children ir can the first one to find them all in the shortest time wins.

Watch the Clouds

Using your imagination lie down on a picnic rug and look up the clouds. Describe what they look like. Can you see an animal, a person, a car or anything else.

Campfire Safety Tips

Campfires are great for cooking on and sitting around, please take all camping safety precautions so no one gets hurt especially when cooking and playing campfire games.

  • Use an existing firepit if you can otherwise dig a fire pit away from overhanging branches and tents.
  • Surround the fire pit with rocks or bricks.
  • Clear a 3 metre area around the fire pit.
  • Remove anything flammable like leaves and sticks.
  • When picking up a camp oven or any hot cooking equipment use a heat proof glove.
  • Stack extra away from the fire.
  • Light the fire, throw the match onto the fire rather than on the ground.
  • Carefully add more firewood.
  • The camp fire should always be watched.
  • Always have bucket of water and spade or shovel nearby.
  • Always watch children near a campfire.
  • Keep the area clear of anything that people can trip over.
  • Smother the fire with sand or dirt when you are leaving the campsite.

With all these campfire games and sctivities you are sure going to have a fun camping trip. They will keep everyone busy, see if you can invent some new campfire games and great camping ideas.

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