Create Your Own Camping Check List For Your Adventure Holidays In Australia

Having a camping check list is an important part of planning your camping in Australia trip or holiday, it is very annoying when something you need or want is left at home.

Last time we went camping we left the pillows at home and I had a checklist, so another important thing to do is check you have everything on your checklist before you leave.

Fortunately that camping trip was only for 2 nights. Next time the pillows will be packed!
Having a checklist will save you from trying to think of every item that you need or want to take. It is not hard to make a checklist. You can keep adjusting it as your needs change.

Always use a camping check list when planning to go camping so you don't leave anything at home. Use the computer, you can change it easily, then print it each time you need it.

giant termite mound kakadu national park  nt australia free camping

This is a giant termite mound in Kakadu National Park NT that we found while visiting the top end of Australia

Before you go camping next time write down everything you are taking or prior to going sit down and think of each activity you do and what it requires - sleeping, cooking, fishing, photography, hiking, campfire, weather protection etc.

A camping trip for a weekend will require less equipment than going away for a month so you may want to have several different camping check lists. Keep your camping equipment together makes preparation for your next camping trip easier. If you can have spare kitchen utensils and other equipment packed into boxes ready to go it is much more convenient.

I have created several camping check lists which are detailed below. Use these as a guide as everyones camping trips are different eg. different age groups, with or without kids, different locations like near a beach or river, in the Outback or constantly moving on a road trip.

Basic Camping Checklist

A basic camping checklist can be a starting point for making a checklist if you usually go on short camping trips or you are really restricted to how much equipment you can take.

Here are a few examples of shorter camping trips or when you can't take much luggage.

  • A quick weekend getaway with the family or a few mates.
  • You want to appreciate camping in the bush and camp simply without all the optional extras.
  • You maybe planning a month long trip along the coast or inland and you want to mostly stay in cabins or motels but you also want to camp several times in National Parks. Therefore you will only need the camping basics.
  • A hiking camping trip has been planned so you will only be able to carry what is in your backpack.
View the Basic Camping Checklist
A free printable PDF is available to View, Print or Download.

driving australia vehicle south australia border sign australia free camping

Crossing the South Australian border when we were touring eastern Central Australia visiting towns like Birdsville, Oodnadatta and Innamincka

Comprehensive Camping Check List

A comprehensive checklist is for campers who are adventuring for longer on a road trip or what more comforts when staying in one place for several weeks or months.

Use this Comprehensive checklist to pick and choose what you need or want as it has more detailed items than the basic checklist. Here are a few examples of campers who may use the majority of what is on this checklist.

  • Longer road trips for at least a month or several months.
  • Campers who are staying in one or several places for many weeks or a month or more at a time.
  • Travellers that are driving with several other campers in a convoy or group may carry the majority of the items on the comprehensive checklist and more. There advantage is that they can share the items and share the load.
View the Comprehensive Camping Checklist
A free printable PDF is available to View, Print or Download.

Extensive Camping Check List

The Extensive checklist is huge and is mainly for suggestions and ideas, it includes the items from the basic and comprehensive checklists and more items have been added with more detail.

View the Extensive Camping Checklist
A free printable PDF is available to View, Print or Download.

RV And Other Camping Vehicles Check List

Use this towing vehicle, caravan, camper trailer and RV camping checklist as a guide before you leave home for a great touring holiday, so you have a safe and exciting holiday or road trip

View the RV Camping Checklist
A free printable PDF is available to View, Print or Download.

4WD Camping Check List

Four Wheel Driving is a very popular adventure activity in Australia as there are many amazing locations to challenge all drivers.

Having the right 4WD equipment is very important for everyone's safety and being able to get out of difficulties. Take the right equipment that suits your type of trip and you will enjoy a great four wheel drive adventure holiday.

View the 4WD Camping Checklist
A free printable PDF is available to View, Print or Download.

Camping Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Using a camping kitchen equipment checklist helps you get organised when you are packing and collecting everything together for your camping trip.

Camp cooking is fun and very different from cooking at home so taking the right equipment is very important. Use your check list so you hopefully can't leave any cooking equipment at home.

Check the Camp Kitchen Equipment Checklist
A free PDF available to View, Print or Download.

Food To Take Camping Checklist

Deciding what food to take camping is a challenge especially if you are new to camping. Use this list as a guide as everyone has different tastes and dietary requirements.

Also included are tips for creating your camping food shopping list so it is easier for you to plan and prepare for your meals.

View the Food To Take Camping Checklist

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