Comprehensive Camping Equipment Checklist For Your Australian Holiday

This camping equipment checklist will give you many ideas for what to take and use on your next camping holiday or road trip. Everyone's camping trips are different so pack what suits you and your family etc.

Create your own checklist from these suggestions or print a copy of this camping equipment check list.

Isn't it annoying when you forget to pack something important, a checklist helps solve that problem. This checklist will help you to collect and remember to pack everything you need.

Usually it much easier to remember the big things like the tent, bedding, tables, chairs but remembering the smaller things can be a challenge.

Organise a few boxes or crates of the smaller camping equipment articles that are always packed ready to go eg. cooking utensils, cutlery, tools.

Camping Equipment Checklist

  • Tent including poles, pegs, ground sheet, guy ropes & fly
  • Extra plastic pegs or heavy duty metal pegs
  • Sun shade tent or a poly tarp

Sleeping Gear

  • Air or foam mattress etc
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, pillow

camping equipment checklist australia free camp site charlieville outback queensland

Kids enjoying the campfire while we camped at Charlieville in outback Queensland. While we were at Charlieville we had a great day at the camel races, then a rodeo later in the afternoon and in the evening a country music concert with Troy Cassar-Daley. It was a huge day!

Table And Chairs

  • Table to prepare food
  • Smaller snack or games table
  • Chairs

Camp Cooking Utensils

  • Fridge or ice chest
  • Stove and stand with hose and fittings
  • Gas bottle for stove or lanterns
  • Grill or cooking plate for campfire or gas stove
  • Frypans & saucepans
  • Dutch or camp oven, long fork for cooking toast
  • Campfire heat proof glove
  • Plastic, metal or paper plates & bowls
  • Cups or mugs - plastic or enamel
  • Knives, egg rings, bottle and can opener, tongs, spatula and other required cooking tools
  • Towels, detergent, sponge and washing bowl
  • Chopping board, grater, mixing bowl
  • foil, paper towelling, cling wrap, freezer bags, rubbish bags
  • Small containers for leftover food to go in

Drinks And Food

  • Basic foods (add other foods required)
  • Milk and others types of drinks
  • Tea bags, coffee, sugar etc.
  • Beer, wine, ice, chips and nibbles
  • Salt and pepper, sauces, oil for cooking
  • Spreads for toast and sandwiches
  • Meat, Packaged & tinned food, Fruit, vegetables & cheese, Bread, cereals and snacks, rice & pasta

View, Download or Print the PDF for this Comprehensive Camping Equipment Checklist.

Miscellaneous Camp Equipment

  • Fishing boat, canoe, kayak and life jackets etc
  • Fishing equipment and bait etc
  • Bikes, scooter, helmets
  • Outdoor mat for outside of tent door
  • Lighting - Torch, flashlight, lantern could be run by gas, battery, rechargable and alternative fuel
  • Clothesline and pegs
  • Battery radio, binoculars, pocket knife, multi purpose pocket tool, box of matches or gas lighter
  • Ten or twenty litre jerry cans for water and small water bottles for each person
  • Small travel clock, mobile phone with recharger
  • Walkie Talkies or CB radio
  • Fire extinguisher or fire blanket
  • Axe and shovel, can be small in size
  • Plastic or collapsible bucket, sewing kit, backpack, stubbie holders
  • Rubbish bags, small floor brush and pan, hammer for hitting in tent pegs
  • Repair kit - thin wire, large needle with nylon thread, plastic cable or zip ties, a roll of nylon rope for clothes line or anything else, glue, shoelaces, heavy duty tape

Personal Camping Essentials

  • Hair shampoo, conditioner and accessories
  • Bath towels and toiletries
  • shaving equipment
  • Sun and insect cream or spray
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand cleaner, cleaning wipes and hand towel

View, Download or Print the PDF for this Comprehensive Camping Equipment Checklist.

Camping Medical Supplies

  • Prescribed medication, vitamins and repeats if required
  • First Aid euipment, Pain relief tablets
  • Asthma and allergy tablets or spray, tweezers, eye drops for irritation or soreness, water purifying tablets, Savlon or similiar antiseptic cream

camping equipment checklist australia free camp site daley waters pub hotel outback australia

This photo shows our campsite at the back of the Daley Waters Pub which is just off the Stuart Highway near the start of the Top End of Australia. We were heading south as we had just been on an awesome road trip to Darwin and Kakadu National Park.

Camping With Kids List

  • Games for kids for in the car and at campground etc
  • Reading, diary and colouring books, pencils and textas
  • Life jackets and flotation devices
  • Glow sticks and torch
  • Baby and Toddler necessities

Camping Clothes

Hand or machine washing can be done at most campgrounds. Mornings and evenings can be cool. Layers of clothing usually work well.

  • Long/short pants or jeans
  • Long/short sleeve shirts
  • Jacket/jumpers/windcheaters - lightweight and heavyweight
  • Pyjamas, bathers or swimming shorts
  • Sun hat or warm hat, wet weather gear, thick/thin socks, gloves
  • Old pair of shoes for walking creeks or mud, hiking boots, runners, sandals, thongs
  • Comfortable walking shoes and better shoes for outings

Camping Personal Items

  • drivers licence etc and money etc.
  • Sun glasses, pad & pen, wrist watch
  • Photo or video camera
  • Itinerary, atlas, holiday info
  • Useful and necessary telephone numbers, envelopes, stamps and addresses

View, Download or Print the PDF for this Comprehensive Camping Equipment Checklist.

When you are using this camping equipment checklist you can add or delete items to suit your camping trip. If you need another copy you are welcome to come back and print it again.

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