Use Australian Camping Forums To Find The Best Camping Tips

Camping forums are a great way to find out specific information about camping in Australia, driving tips and about destinations.

It can be difficult sometimes to find the required information, quite often you may find someone in camping forums who has been to, used or experienced what you need to know.

Forums can provide you with information about campgrounds, where pets are welcome, recommended destinations and National Parks, road conditions, great places for kids, tents and camping equipment, your vehicle, camper or caravan and much more.

You can also ask a question or ask for an opinion about a particular camping product, camp ground, camp oven recipe, camping, driving tips and much more.

You can start by viewing the 'Section Titles' and open each one that interests you and read the posts. If you don’t find the answers you need, start a search with keywords specific to what information you are searching for.

Example - For topics relating to a particular kind of vehicle - type in the brand, model etc.

Or if you are enquiring about a camper trailer, motorhome, tent, enter keywords such as type, brand or model. Any matching information available will come up in the search results.

If you get too many search results refine you search keywords with more detail if possible.

If you can’t find any information, join the most suitable forum and add a new post asking your question or information you require (vehicle, tent, equipment etc).

Give as much information as you can and hopefully someone will reply and be able to help you.

Keep in mind that the answers you get will be other people’s opinions. Most of the information will be useful, but occasionally it is not always correct or what suits one camper doesn't always suit all campers.

camping forums rv caravan outback central australia free camping

Driving and Camping in the Outback Central Australia

The forums listed below are free to view and join. Every forum has rules, it is best to read them first before joining.

Camping involves many subjects so I have listed forums that cover camping, camp cooking, camper trailers, 4WDriving, travelling Australia, RVs and fishing.

Generally Camping Forums have these features listed below.

  • A visitor can view posts only.
  • You need to become a member to be able to search, add new topic or reply.
  • Most are completely free.
  • All forums have rules to abide by.
  • Most camping forums have categories to make it easier to find your information.
  • Forums usually have an ‘Introductions’ section for new members to say G’day.

Camping, Parks, RVs and Equipment Forum

This Camping Forum is an easy to use forum, with many categories so you can find your information easier.

It has a ‘Community’ section including Introductions, Buy and Sell, General Chit Chat. Photo comp etc

The next sections are about ‘Camping experiences’, ‘Camping with your family’ and the ‘Camping Gear in the Shed’. Home page then click on the 'Forum' button

ExplorOz Camping 4WD Australia Forum

The ExplorOz Forum covers everything to do with travelling and camping in Australia.

The ExplorOz Forum is different to all the other forums as it does not have sections so you need to use the ‘search’ option to look for a specific item or destination etc.

ExplorOz is free to join at a basic level, to be able to use it more you will need to pay a subscription for the different levels of membership. Home page then click on the 'Forum' button

Camp Oven Cooking In Australia Forum

This Camp Oven Cooking Forum has plenty of information about using camp ovens, recipes and general camping info.

There is a section for general chat, camp oven and outdoor cooking, camp oven barbeque and other recipes, all about camping, fishing, caravanning, camper trailering, 4WDriving and classified ads.

www.aussiecampovenforum Forum
Camp Oven Cooking

Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Forum

The Caravan and Motorhome Forum has several sections, the first one is general, tech talk, bright ideas, want or swap items, money matters etc.

The travel section has Question and Answers, destinations, journeys and routes, travel chat, great places, itchy feet, working on the road and camping equipment topics in the industry section.

Australia 4WD Camping Forum

The Australia 4WD Forum is mostly all about 4WDriving, the first section has general chat, communications and electronics, your camping setup, camping gear and cooking, swap, buy or sell and photography.

The second section is about travelling Australia, trips and get together events. The next five sections cover the 4WDrive vehicles by brand names.

4WD Action Camping Forums

The 4WD forum is mostly about four wheel driving, but is also has trip reports and trip planning, customising your 4WD, photography, camping, camp cooking, driving tips and fishing.

The next 2 sections are about vehicle tech talk and different brands and models of four wheel drive vehicles. Then there is an extreme 4WD section and a camper trailer section.

camping forums boab trees 4wd derby western australia free camping

Our 4WD parked between two huge Boab trees when we camped at Derby Western Australia

Ausfish Angling Forum

Ausfish Forum includes salt and freshwater fishing, camping and 4WD chat and photos.

Camping forums are used by campers who want to interact online and have a common interest with travelling and camping in Australia.

It is a safe and fun way to interact and meet new people in Australia and from overseas and start a long lasting friendship providing you use the forum guidelines.

Camping forums are a great resource for camping and travelling information that you can learn from other campers experiences.

Of course you can share your experiences and enjoy the feedback and new information that may make your camping and travelling in Australia activities and experiences more interesting and exciting.

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