Essential Camping Gear List - Have Your Camp Equipment Ready

Use a camping gear list to make sure you take everything you need for your next camping trip or road trip holiday.

For every camping trip you will need at least everything on a basic camping check list. Shelter, bedding, cooking equipment, table and chairs, food and drinks, clothes, personal items, first aid.

You can have several different camping gear lists for different types of trips.

You will need to take more for a longer trip than a short one.
Use a checklist to make sure you take everything you need for your next camping trip.

Each type of camping trip requires the basic equipment, than you can add extras like more warmer clothing if you it is going to be very cold, if it is going to be hot take sun protection like suncream, sunglasses, a hat and your swimming gear etc.

You can have several different camping and holiday checklist for different types of trips like these.

  • Short weekenders.
  • Longer trips for several weeks or months.
  • Cold weather camping trip.
  • A family trip.
  • Warm to hot camping trip.
  • A ‘roughing it’ camping trip.
  • A holiday park camping trip with the amenities.

australia free camping check list

Camping Tents And Other Shelter

Tents for camping and other shelter are very important and should be at the top of your checklist.

There are many options when it comes to your camping shelter.

  • Tents - Canvas or Dome.
  • A Swag.
  • Roof Top Tent.
  • Camper Trailer - Tent Style.
  • Camper Trailer - Caravan Style.
  • Caravans and motorhomes.

To find out more about Tents etc. visit the Tents For Camping page.

Camp Sleeping Equipment

Bedding is a very important item of your camping equipment and it must be comfortable.

Your Mattress can be a fold up stretcher bed with mattress, a self inflating mattress, pump up air mattress (take a repair kit and pump) or a foam mattress which can be thinner for kids than adults.

For bedding the sleeping bag is the most convenient, the other option is using sheets, blankets or a doona.

Sleeping bags are made in different sizes and they usually have a temperature rating to help you work out which is the best option. If you are not sure ask a shop assistant to help you choose the best one to suit you.

Make sure you have every part of your bedding on your camping gear list.

Camping Furniture

Tables and chairs should be on everyones camping gear list. Everytime I look at the table and chairs in a camping store there is always a new style. Try to get chairs and table that are well made, good to use and are compact to fit in your vehicle easily.

Camping Fridge, Esky or Cooler

Keeping your food and drinks cool or refridgerated is important, a large esky or icebox packed with ice blocks or crushed ice is the cheapest option, having an icebox for food and one for drinks is more convenient.

There are many types of portable fridges available like the Engel, Waeco, Chescold - these can run on electricity and 12 volt and some will run on three sources of power, gas and 12 volt from your vehicle.

Campfire And Gas Cooking Equipment

The ideal stove is the gas stove or an alternative fueled stove as a campfire is not always available. The stoves vary a lot in styles and prices. Remember to take the gas bottle hose, fittings and usually a spanner to tighten the connection fittings.

On a gas stove you can use fry pans, sauce pans, a kettle, cook toast just about anything you like.

Camp Showers And Toilets

Portable showers are made in a variety of ways for example they can be a very basic solar bag that is filled with cool water and placed in the sun until it heats up or there are much fancier showers that run on battery or gas.

The ‘Porta Potti’ is a very popular piece of camping equipment that uses a reusable cassette and some chemicals. Outdoor toilet and shower rooms are available that are quick to set up for any situation.

When you have written your camping gear list, review it to make sure everything you need or want is included.

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