Best Camping Ideas and Camp Tips For Enjoying The Great Australian Outdoors

There are many great camping ideas for where and how to go camping. Camping is a great recreational activity enjoyed by many travellers.

Camping can be described in different ways depending on your personal choice. Some of us love to ‘rough it’ and others love having all the comforts.

Which is great!

We are all enjoying the great outdoors in the many different ways and in all types of situations.

We all get to enjoy the amazing scenery and experiences that Australia offers in many destinations.

Always use good 'up to date' quality maps, be prepared for your camping trip or holiday as best you can. Staying in a town with nearby facilities and shops takes less preparation than going to more remote areas like National Parks or the Outback.

Whenever you go on a camping holiday remember to think of travelling and camping safety. Be aware of campfires, vehicle maintenance, children near water or the campfire.

'Types of Campsites' Camping Ideas

When you start planning your camping trip or holiday there are many types of campsites you can go to.

  • A campsite or campground could be in the bush, a National park or reserve with the beach, river, creek nearby.
  • Tourist, holiday and caravan parks usually have unpowered sites for tents, of course if you want to run powered appliances tents can usually be setup on powered sites.
  • Campervans, caravans, motorhomes etc. usually always use powered campsites.
  • Using cabins in Holiday parks etc make staying the night very easy, especially after a big day driving. They also can be used for a week or more to make it an easier holiday.
  • Cyclists, canoeists or cyclists are always on the move so they may have there own compact tent with them and be prepared to camp just about anywhere.

Going bush camping with a river or lake nearby, gives you many different options for things to do like fishing in a boat or off the shore, canoeing or kayaking, swimming, sitting on the bank relaxing and watching the wildlife, at night you can enjoy a campfire meal, check out the starry night and go to bed and do it all again tomorrow.

Holiday, tourist or caravan parks make camping easier the amenities block is always closeby, they may have a camp kitchen, a swimming pool, mini golf, a shop and fuel and a playground for the kids.

australia free camping

Camping on the banks of the Murray River

"Camping next a river or any waterway is good fun, anyone can go fishing off the bank or in a fishing boat if you have one. Nature walks are always interesting and you will usually see some wildlife like a kangaroo or birds.

Take your camera, there are usually plenty of opportunities for some excellent happy snaps. Having a campfire is fun at night and also you will be able to cook some delicious meals on the camp fire are just a few camping ideas you can do next time you go camping."

'Ways To Go' Camping Ideas

The variety of ways to go camping is endless here are a few ideas.

  • Hiking is a very adventurous way to go camping.
  • Touring on motorbikes or riding on cycles are both great ways to see Australia.
  • Kayaking, canoeing or boating down a river with your belongings and camp equipment with you or you can have an assistance vehicle meet you each night.
  • Many campers pack up their cars and trailers, find a camp site and set up their tents etc and stay for a week or more then go home.

    Camping on a road trip where you are moving every few days is more of a challenge as you have to carry everything with you for longer distances.

  • Caravans, camper trailers and RVs are very popular and much more convenient than a tent. There is an incredible range, the place to see the many options are at Camping Shows or Expos.

Find about much more about the freedom of travelling in a camper and have a great adventure in Australia and beyond, visit Gregs website at

'How Long For' Camping Ideas

How long you stay is of course entirely up to you and what holiday time you have available.

  • If you have a limited time like a week, choose a destination that is a suitable distance away so you can get there in one days travelling.
  • Three or four weeks or more gives you a lot more choices as to how far you travel and where you can go.

'Types of Campers' Camping Ideas

There are many types of campers that travel Australia and enjoy camping in Australia. While they are travelling they see and experience Australia's beauty.

  • Backpackers love travelling Australia either by themselves, with another person or as a group.
  • Young and independent travellers have a vehicle and enjoy the freedom of the open road and have no set plans.
  • Many families take off in the school holidays or anytime of the year for a great road trip adventure.
  • The 'Grey Nomads' is a friendly nickname for over 50's travellers who are enjoying the freedom of travelling when ever they can. Some just keep driving as they love the lifestyle so much.
  • On a motorcycle or cycling is another way to travel Australia. They are very limited as to what they can carry on their bikes.
  • Many camping travellers go on organised tours on small buses or larger coaches, some are 4WD tours. Tag along tours are a great way to travel as you are with other vehicles and experienced leaders.

'Where To Go' Camping Ideas

  • Near a beach, lake or river depending on what activities you enjoy doing.
  • Australia has many National Parks that welcome campers and with guaranteed great scenery.
  • If you are taking your pets look around for pet friendly accommodation or parks.
  • In forests, the bush or state reserves where camping is allowed, there are plenty of areas for campers with basic amenities.
  • Holiday, Tourist and Caravan Parks are all similar, but they vary in size, quality and amenities available.

australia free camping

Camping on Cooper Creek at Innamincka in Outback NSW

"Innamincka was our last place to stay before heading for home after driving around the Eastern Central Australia area. We stayed for 5 nights so we had some time for relaxing at camp and at the Innamincka Pub which was only a short drive away.

Innamincka is famous for the explorers 'Burke and Wills' who attempted to travel from Melbourne to northern Australia's coast and return to Cooper Creek in the early 1860s, unfortunately neither of them made it. A monument and the famous 'Dig Tree' are at Innamincka, we found it quite humbling to be where they stood all those years ago.

It is very hard to comprehend anyone setting off on such a journey going so far with very basic supplies, navigation equipment and going into the unknown land. Our 'Aussie' pioneers are a very important part of Australia's short history."
More Burke and Wills Information

'Getting Information' Camping Ideas'

There are many resources to get information about camping, holidaying, destinations, travelling and driving in Australia.

  • Websites for tourism and Camping Forums.
  • Televison, photos, videos and films.
  • Books, brochures, postcards, maps and magazines.
  • Other travellers, family, work mates and friends.

'Activities and Experiences' Camping Ideas

There are hundreds of things to do while camping, this list shows a few of them.

  • Fishing, boating, swimming and water sports.
  • Nature walks and hiking.
  • Photography, videoing, writing a diary and collecting things like destination postcards, stickers etc.
  • Campfire games and camp cooking.
  • Seeing beautiful scenery and learning about the local areas history.

'What To Take' Camping Ideas

Using a camping gear list and a checklist will help you get your camping equipment organised and ready to go.

  • Tents for camping, a swag or another type of shelter.
  • Mattresses and bedding.
  • Table and chairs.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Fridge or cooler amd ice.
  • Food, drinks and cooking equipment.
  • Medical and personal items.

When returning home after a fun camping trip unfortunately you have to unpack and store the camping equipment . The good news is you can go camping again as soon as possible.

Remember your camping trip with photos of the big fish you or someone else caught, the kids having a great time, a sunset, the scenic views, the campsite and camp fire and everything else that should be remembered.

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