Camping In Australia Is An Exciting Budget Adventure Travel Holiday

Camping in Australia is an exciting budget adventure travel holiday where you can drive to your destination and enjoy great outdoor experiences.

Planning a camping holiday is exciting and fun. First thing you need to do is to decide when to go, and where to go, who is going and how long for.

When you have decided ‘where’ you are going to go camping in Australia, find out all the information you can about the location.

If you have a few different places to choose from check them all out then choose the best one that suits you. If you are planning a camping road trip you may need an itinerary.

Phone the Holiday Park or the tourist information office in the area or get online information about your accommodation, things to do in Australia and the area you are travelling.

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Consider these questions when planning your holiday, most likely only some of these questions or suggestions will apply to you?

Are you staying in one place or moving to several campsites?

What facilities and amenities does the campsite have?

Are there a fuel stop or supermarket?

Can I get internet or mobile phone reception?

If I am going to a remote location how can I get help if required?

Can I go swimming, cycling, fishing and do I need a license?

Can I take my dog? Is the caravan park pet friendly?

What is the weather forecast and conditions likely to be?

Can I get good quality drinking water?

Can I take my boat, canoe and kayak?

Are all the roads sealed and in good condition?

If this is your first camping trip, you may think you need to buy all of the equipment in the camping store and learn many skills to get started.

Buy the basic camping equipment and if you can go camping with another family, you will learn more and after a few times you will know if you really like camping or not.

An option is to borrow camping equipment if you can for the first time you go camping, To make sure it is worth buying your own equipment.

Best thing to do before you go camping for the first time is to make sure how to use all your camping equipment and check everything works properly.

Know how to put up the tent or use the camper trailer properly, use the gas stove, start a campfire etc. Knowing how to pack everything up is just as important.

You don't want to be the campers with a crowd standing around watching you fumble around not knowing what you are doing when putting up the tent, or backing in a camper, setting up a camper trailer etc. Other campers will offer to help, but no doubt a bit embarrassing.

Camping does not need to be complicated it should be simple and fun. There is wrong or right way to go camping – it is your choice, so go camping your way!

You can start by looking at a Basic Camping Checklist and seeing what camping equipment is required, do you have these things or do you need to purchase anything, make a list of anything required.

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