Be Safe Camping Safety Tips When Camping In Australia

Your camping trip will be fun and safe providing you keep in mind these camping safety tips and issues that can occur.

The main safety tips you must do is insure a responisible person knows where you are going and make sure everyone has suitable clothing for the conditions.

Also check the weather forecast regularly, have plenty of fresh drinking water and tinned or packet food in case you have to stay longer than expected, be careful with your campfire.
Here is a list of camping safety tips will give you some safety awareness next time you go camping.

Prepare First Camping Safety Tips

  • Plan your camping trip carefully, use a camping and holiday checklist and always check your equipment for camping is all working, check your vehicle, camper, boat, RV etc. is ready and roadworthy with the latest registration label stickers attached.
  • The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, check the weather forecast for your destination and take appropriate protective clothing.
  • Take enough clothing, food and equipment to keep everyone comfortable in case you need to stay a few days longer than planned and in case of emergency.
  • Tell someone responsible where you are going to be, leave your contact details like, mobile phone, name of park etc and when you plan to be home, in case someone needs to find you.

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While Travelling Camping Safety Tips

  • Read signs and maps, brochures and camp rules carefully. Take notice of any safety warnings, they are there for your protection.
  • Global Positioning Systems or GPS like a Navman, Tom Tom or Garmin are cheaper than they used to be and an excellent accessory. You can plan your destination before you leave each day and also pin point exactly where you are at any time by satellite which would be so important in an emergency.
  • Arrive at you camp by about 4pm if you are setting up camp or if returning to camp after an outing return well before dark.

While Camping Safety Tips

  • Watch your kids, when they are near water and where there maybe dangerous animals such as snakes, dingos, crocodiles and also look out for insects like spiders, bees, ants and wasps.
  • Boil or treat water with purifying tablets before use if necessary, not all water is suitable to drink.
  • Keep all your food in containers or boxes in your car or tent to keep it safe from wildlife, especially at night and when you leave camp for a few hours.
  • Animals and birds seem to be very aware of when everything is quiet and have a look around, put away your rubbish bag also, they will scatter your food and rubbish given the opportunity.
  • Keep tents zipped up at all times to prevent anything crawling into your sleeping bag.
  • To save people tripping over your tents guy lines, attach colourful ribbon or rope.
  • Take a pair of gloves for hand protection.

Campfire Camping Safety Tips

  • Beware of fire restrictions in the area that you are camping, check with the local authorities. Clear a large area around your campfire to avoid the fire spreading accidentally.
  • Extinguish the campfire when you leave your campsite, even if it is only for a short time. Use water, not sand, which retains heat.

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Camping Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Drivers need to understand their own vehicles capabilities before driving on very rough or remote roads.
  • Before leaving get your vehicle checked and serviced and make sure you have the right tools, spare parts and check the spare wheel is in good condition.
  • Have an extra or spare ignition key where it can be located if you happen to lose the original. If you are travelling with friends, swap spare keys or hide the spare key 'in a hard' to find place on the outside of the vehicle.
  • When driving in remote areas you need to be more prepared than driving on sealed highways. Have extra water and food in case of break down. Always have mobile phone although they most likely won't get much reception away from towns, a satellite phone will work anywhere so they are an excellent option or some other source of reliable communication.

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