Camping Tent And Equipment Storage And Packing Up Tips

After going camping your camping tent and equipment has to be packed away which is the last thing you want to do after have a great camping trip.

Unpacking your camping tent and equipment is never enjoyable but someone has to do it.

It is best if you can get your camping equipment stored away as soon as you can, so it is not in your way.

If everyone can help it will make the job much easier and it will be ready for next time.

These packing up at camp tips will help you get everything packed away quicker when you get home.

After camping, if you can have most of your camping equipment ready to be stored it is much easier when you get home.

Preparing To Leave Camp

When you pack up your camping tents and equipment clean it before you pack it up, this will make it easier when you get home.
  • Before packing up your tent sweep it out with broom or small brush/dustpan, this will clean out all the dirt, sand, leaves and anything else that you have brought in. Sweeping out the tent each day does make this easier.
  • Before folding up the tents look inside for personal belongings especially in the hanging pockets.
  • Check your fridge or cooler and dispose of any waste food. Wipe over any other equipment that needs it.
  • Shake out sleeping bags, blankets etc
  • Pack your clothes and personal items. Separate dirty clothes so that they will be ready to be washed when you arrive home.
  • Put the rubbish in bins provided or take it with you and dispose of it properly.
  • Put out the fire completely at least half an hour before you leave.

Packing Up Camping Equipment

It is time to pack up and go home, here are a few things to remember as you pack up your camping tent and equipment for storage at home.

  • As you fold up your tent brush off any dirt, leaves etc and dry the floor base if necessary.
  • Try to fold the tent in a similiar way to the way it was originally packed, this way it will hopefully fit back in its bag.

    As you fold it up always squeeze the air out. Canvas tents are usually folded into a flat pack and dome tents are usually rolled. Remember to collect all pegs, ropes and hammer.

  • Wipe off any dirt from your camping equipment as you pack it into your vehicle or trailer, pack your gear the same as when you came to the campground so it fits back in.
  • Get everyone involved in packing up, find jobs for the kids.
  • Walk around the campsite to check if anything has been left behind, it’s easy to leave something leaning up against a tree or in the grass or leaves.
  • Give your car a clean out and make sure the tyres, radiator etc. are right for the drive home.
  • Check there are drinks and snacks available if required on the drive home.
  • Take the opportunity for a visit to the bathroom and to wash up, and say your Goodbyes to other campers if necessary.

Packing up your Camping tent and equipment is no fun but at least you can start planning the next adventure in the Great Outdoors.

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Camping Tent And Equipment Storage At Home

If you have a cupboard, room or an area set aside for most of your camping tent and equipment it will make packing and unpacking easier each time you go camping. Pack away what you can straight away.

  • If you had to pack the tent up wet, get it out as soon as possible, you don’t have to set it up completely. Hang it over a fence and rotate it or spread it out in a shed if it is raining.
  • Wipe dry or air out anything that is damp or needed a wash.
  • Wash the stove, camp oven etc, if necessary.
  • Dirty clothes can be put into one bag or each person has a bag each.
  • Remove all the food and drinks from the fridge and esky or cooler. Clean it out. Store your camping fridge and plug it in.
  • Store all bedding, coats, hats away in a dry cupboard.
  • Remove batteries as they can corrode, leak and damage equipment.
  • Store cooking utensils, plates, bowls etc in a tub with a lid, so they ready for next time.
  • Do repairs before the next camping trip.

Getting home after camping is usually not much fun, make the effort to pack up your camping tent and equipment properly as soon as possible.

Your next camping trip will be so much easier. Then you can enjoy the Great Outdoors again!

Using a camping and holiday checklist is a great help, you can have several different checklists for your camping gear, food to take,Camping Kitchen, your vehicle, for short trips and long trips.

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