These Camping With Kids Tips Create Fun Family Travel Holidays

Camping with kids and family car trips are a way of life for many families who love travelling Australia when they have the time available.

There is an amazing range of things to do everywhere in Australia when you are camping with your kids.

As your children get older you will notice what they can do around the campsite changes and what their interests are will also develop and change.

Kids are very adaptable and they bring a great deal of enjoyment to your holidays.

It is wonderful to see great big smiles when they see a kangaroo in the bush, learn how to do something new, meet other camping kids and start a ball game together, pull in a fish, make up their own games, help you cook lunch, playing campfire games, see all the stars sparkling at night.

Children love anything to do with water especially pools and water slides, they can spend hours enjoying playing and splashing about. Always watch them carefully.

When you are camping with kids there is always the opportunity of going for walks and maybe cycling. Kids love spotting wildlife and collecting special things so take photos every where you go then you will all remember your great holiday.

Children can't resist wanting to poke the campfire, help younger kids cook toast or marshmallws, sitting down with a long stick to poke the fire with is also fun. Teach them to be very careful around the fire.

Kids love to learn so they will find learning 'how to camp' a lot of fun and also an adventure.

Travelling With Babies And Toddlers

Taking the family on a road trip will most likely be tiring for everybody.

Take all the necesary essentials like nappies, spare clothes, food, drinks and few things for comfort like toys, books, pillow etc.

Keeping them amused ideas and suggestions.

Camping With Kids - Babies

  • When travelling be prepared for stops for nappy changes, feeding, some crying and hopefully lots of sleeping.
  • Take blankets or soft toys that they used to and maybe a few things to distract them if upset.
  • Be ready with a few baby games like 'Peek a boo', music and books.

Camping With Kids - Toddlers
  • Let your children take a few belongings from home, if they have a bag or backpack each it may help them to keep them together.
  • Use ziplock bags to keep snacks in for each day and person.
  • Let your kids do a picture diary for a trip, they get to write and draw things they see that are interesting and also take photos when stopped for a break.

Taking Your School Aged Children Camping

Taking young school aged kids on a camping trip or holiday is usually a challenge but it is much easier than taking babies and toddlers.

  • Have a flexible itinerary and don't plan every minute, keep some spare time for the easy and relaxing things like going for walks and rest breaks.
  • Holidaying with school aged children is fun, they see everything different to the way adults see things and they are always ready for adventure.
  • Most kids are great at amusing themselves by making up games or adventuring, playing with other camping kids and playing with the toys, books or games they brought with them.
  • To keep their belongings together it helps if they each have a backpack for their games, book etc and their clothes in a separate travel bag.

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Camping With Kids - Destinations For Families

When you go on a family holiday everyone wants to have fun so finding a destination that suits everyone can be easy or it can be a bit of a challenge.

When you camping with kids there are many options to choose from so everyone can have a great fun.

Here are a few suggestions that may suit your family. 

Theme And Wildlife Park Family Holidays

  • Everyone loves theme parks, they are very family friendly.
  • There also are many wildlife and marine parks to visit like Taronga, Melbourne and Australia Zoo, Underwater World and the Melbourne Aquarium and many more.

Relaxing Family Holiday

  • Australia's beaches are always a winner. All ages can enjoy the waves, the sand, reading a book, checking out the rock pools and the view.
  • Go camping in the bush along a river and enjoy the serenity.
  • Tourist, Holiday and Caravans Parks are very suitable for families, you can camp or stay in a cabin. Most parks will have entertainment for the kids like a pool and playground.
  • Book into a holiday apartment for a few days, where you can buy your meals etc.

Adventure Family Holiday

  • If you enjoy adventure try learning to surf or rock climbing, hiking or cycling, go on a tour or cruise, try snorkelling and see the beautiful marine life.
  • Go for a drive interstate, or along the coast and discover new places.
  • Visit the Outback or Top End .
  • Hire a houseboat and cruise a river or a lake.
  • Go to the snow and have fun or go hot air ballooning.

City or Country Family Holiday

  • If you live in a regional or remote area of Australia going to a capital city may interest you and experience city life for a few days.
  • If you live in a capital or regional city then you may like to have a change a few days in a rural town or on a farm. Go for driving tours and see the beautiful country landscapes and rural towns.

Starting to how to plan a holiday and your itinerary will be exciting but can be hard to know where to start.

Having a camping and holiday checklist is a great place to start. These Family Camping Tips, list of things to do while camping will give you plenty of suggestions, tips and ideas.

Camping with kids is fun, they see everything differently to adults which will make your camping trip twice as much fun.

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