Cheap Road Trips Budget Calculator And Tips For Budget Australia Holidays

Having a holiday on a budget can be enjoyed with cheap road trips, you can drive along Australia's beautiful coastline, marvel at our National Parks and watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets just to name a few experiences.

Having a cheap holiday doesn't mean having a boring holiday there are many cheap and free options for accommodation, attractions and things to do everywhere in Australia.

Camping sites are cheaper at National Parks, unpowered campsites in Caravan parks, there are also free campsites in many places in Australia including the Outback.

There are many things to do and see that are free or cheap, like going for scenic walks along marked trails.

Hire a canoe for a day and explore a river or lake. If you are near the coast make the most of the beach, go swimming, surfing, fishing, watch the sunrise and sunset, early morning or evening walks before the the beach gets crowded.

cheap road trips camping in tent australia

Cheaper Road Trip Tips

Having a cheap road trip is about finding cheap or free options for most things you do. Here is a few money saving travel tips.

  • Fuel will be most likely be your most expensive cost so try exploring closer to home, you will be surprised what is nearby.
  • Study your road trip route to optimize your fuel consumption. Work out the best route by a map and also check the GPS if you have one. Then compare them to find the shortest way to save fuel.
  • Try to travel when it is not school holidays or public holidays as accommodation etc are usually at peak prices.
  • With meals you can save money by cooking your own, try to prepare 2 out the 3 main meals or all of them and have a bought meal occasionally.
  • Buy your snack food mainly from supermarkets rather than fuel stops or small stores as it is always cheaper.
  • Keep a cooler with ice or a car fridge in your vehicle to keep drinks and food and your packed lunch cool. You will be less likely to buy the expensive drinks and snacks at shops.
  • Try not to buy on impulse – only buy what you need and try to budget for special experiences.
  • Camping is a cheaper way to travel Australia.
  • Ask for a group discount for large families or if you are travelling as a group ask for discount for accommodation etc.
  • Going to Visitor Centres are a great time saver, easily find out all the tourist information you need about the area. Take some brochures with you back to your accommodation so you can decide what to see or do.

There are many ways of how to holiday in Australia on a budget, it’s just a matter of finding the best way for you and your situation, starting with how many people, where are you going and what mode of transport are you going to use.

When you are ready to calculate your costs use this free budget calculator. The first 3 fields must be filled in - if you don't require to calculate your fuel usage just add 1 to each space. This will add $1 to your total.

Plan your holiday within your budget so it can be relaxing and you will have a great road trip. You can still get out and see all the sights, enjoy being with family and friends and meet new people.

If your are hiring a car or campervan use a website that compares all your options like VroomVroomVroom and Discovery Campervans for example. or

There are many free activities that you can enjoy on your cheap road trip. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos or videos of your road trip so you can create memories to look back on in the years ahead.

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