How To Use A Digital Camera Tips And My Australia Holiday Photos

Taking photos when you are travelling Australia is fun, using these basic digital camera tips will help you snap many stunning photos that you will be able to print, have your own display and be proud of them.

You will be able to take beautiful images of sunrises and sunsets, stunning beach or coastal scenic views, close ups of little and big wildlife, action photos and of course the people you are travelling with as a great reminder of your trip.

Using these digital camera tips will help you will be able take Australia holiday photos easier so you can enjoy photographing your holiday or scenic road trip.

When you get home after your holiday you will be able to make a slide show or a photo album.

With all your stunning and fun photos you have taken you could also frame them as a singular 'stand out' photo or make a set of 2 or 3 with the same theme like beaches, outback or sunsets etc. or from the same destination.

These basic digital camera tips will help you learn how to use your digital camera especially when taking travel Australia pictures.

No longer do you have to keep every photo, you can choose what to keep or delete. Therefore you can take as many photos as you like until you fill the camera's memory card.

Learning how to take better digital photos is a bonus as you will have many photos to be proud of rather than just a few.

Every photographer is trying to capture that perfect, funny or amazing photo that makes you smile whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. These digital camera tips can be used as a guide to help you create even more great holiday images.

How To Use A Digital Camera Tips

  • Read The Manual - Get used to using your camera, read the camera's manual so you can use the functions properly.
  • Keep Your camera Close By - Where ever you go on your holiday have your camera with you, preferably a compact one you can carry easily.
  • Hold The Camera Still - Try to keep the camera still as you press the shutter button so your picture will be focused not blurry.
  • digital camera tips travel australia kookaburra australia zoo beerwah queensland

    This close up photo of this beautiful kookaburra was taken at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland

    "All Zoos and wildlife parks are excellent opportunities to take photos of many types of animals, reptiles and birds. Getting close up photos is very rewarding as most animals, birds, plant life can be very unique and detailed in many different ways.

    Some animals just don't seem to want their photo taken and are not very helpful, so make the most of the wildlife that seem to like the attention and let you get reasonably close."

    More Digital Camera Tips

  • Happy Snaps - Digital cameras have a general 'Happy Snap' setting for easy use that will take a good photo in most situations.
  • Red Eyes - Digital cameras have a 'Red-eye' reduction that will help stop eyes from turning red in your photos.
  • Keep In Focus - Remember to lock the focus on 'off centre' subjects - For example if you are a photo of a person standing on a rock (on the right side of your photo) and you want a large area of background included (on the left).
  • Focus on the person who is in the right of your photo, half press the shutter button then move the camera to the centre, then press the button all the way.

    digital camera tips travel australia kings canyon central australia

    The 'Amazing' view from Kings Canyon in Central Australia

    "The photo above is focused on the close rock as it shows it in detail, the photo also shows the vast area in the distance. When you are taking landscape photos is really effective if you have something in the foreground to focus on. Like a tree, people, rocks, part of a building, a sign, leaves hanging down from a tree etc.

    The photo below shows the two kids sitting on the stunning white gum tree in the foreground and the background is a mix of the red rock, vegetation, more trees and blue sky.

    This 'Outback' photo is one of my favourites as it shows the typical colours of the Outback - red, green and blue."

    digital camera tips travel palm valley central australia

    My Kids having a break at Palm Valley in Central Australia

    And More Digital Camera Tips

  • Close Up Photos - get close up if possible or zoom in to emphasise what is important.
  • Macro Shots - To take really close up photos of flowers, insects etc use the 'Macro' setting and get very close to your subject. You will be amazed at the detail in the photo. Read the camera manual for instructions.
  • Experiment - When you get the chance experiment by taking the landscape, building, beach etc from different angles, different heights, zoom in or zoom out, different times of the day etc.
  • Don't Rush - How often have you rushed a photo and messed it up, when possible take your time and set up to take a great photo.

digital camera tips travel australia maheno shipwreck fraser island queensland

The 'Maheno' Shipwreck on Fraser Island beach in Queensland

"The ship S.S. Maheno on Fraser Island has an interesting past, it was built in 1905, used in the first World War as a hospital ship, got caught up in a cyclone then landed on Fraser Island in 1935 and that is where it stayed.

It makes a great subject for photos, I love the colours together - the sand, the rusty boat, blue water and sky and the white of the crashing wave. To get action shots like the wave or sporting action etc. you can take continous photos. Most likely your camera may have a setting that will let you take 10 or so photos in several seconds. that gives you the chance of getting that very special action photo timed perfectly."

How To Look After Your Digital Camera Tips

  • Keep The Lens Clean - Keep the lens clean of dust particles or fingerprints as it can cause damage and disfigure your photos.
  • Any grit that gets into the workings of your camera can cause it to not function as it should eg. the lens getting stuck.

  • Protect Your Camera Gear - Sand, water, snow, and heat are your camera's equipments worst enemies. When you're not using your camera. Keep your camera and supplies safe in a camera bag or zippered plastic bag.
  • Memory Cards - Carry a spare memory card with you, just in case the one in the camera is full to capacity. Regularly check the memory card for photos to be deleted so only the best photos are kept. Then download them onto your computer or another storage device.
  • Deleting Photos - Always be careful what photos you delete, it is very easy to accidentally delete a good photo. This is one the 'most' important digital camera tips that may save you from regretting clicking on the 'delete' button.
  • Flat Battery - Keep a spare battery with you, Lithium batteries are widely available now for cameras. If you are not using your camera for long periods it is best to remove the battery as it can cause damage if a leakage occurs.

There are many ways to use your digital camera to take practical photos when you are travelling Australia as well as taking beautiful pictures of Australia to keep forever.

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