Easy To Do Digital Photo Tips For Your Australia Photography Travel Holiday

These easy to do digital photo tips will help you take your best ever holiday pictures of Australia when you are holidaying.

When travelling on a holiday it is exciting to be able to capture images with your digital camera.

Everything you have seen and experienced so you can remember it long after your holiday is finished.

Remember when you have taken your photos put the camera down and really enjoy the moment.

Chances are that you will only be there once, but hopefully you will be able to return.

If you need more digital photo tips and ideas for how to use your digital camera these digital camera tips may help you understand your camera better.

The digital photo tips below will show you ways to take better photos in different situations while you are holidaying and travelling in Australia.

  • Take candid photos, you will get a much more natural looking photo.
  • Have fun with photography and take a normal view and add or do something a bit unusual like the photo below for an example.
  • digital photo tips cooper creek innamincka central australia

    This fun 'surfing in the outback' photo was taken on the banks of the Cooper Creek near Innamincka Eastern Central Australia close to where we were camping.

  • Take many photos of the same area then you will have lots of photos to choose from. Take photos from different angles, heights and at different times of the day.
  • Try taking a series of photos at exactly the same place like beaches, parks, a harbour, shops or from a balcony every daylight hour on the same day and you will have an interesting series of photos with the changing movement, changing weather and daylight.
  • Take some vertical pictures for variety, waterfalls, tall buildings, up or down stairways, people etc.

    This photo of 'Buley Rockholes' in Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory is a great example for a vertical photo as the area is narrow but with depth.

  • When you are outdoors use the flash to brighten up faces that maybe shadowed on sunny or cloudy days to make them stand out from the background.
  • One of my favourite digital camera tips is to take a series of photos of a common theme that interests you in your travels.

    Like animals, birds, beaches, outback pubs, signs, restaurants, sunrises and sunsets, unusual plants or beautiful gardens, historic buildings, water ways, National Parks etc.

  • When taking pictures of people cloudy days are better, bright sunlight is very harsh it usually causes shadows and squinting.
  • For great photos of kids and pets get down to their eye level so you can really capture the sparkle in their eyes and their cute smiles.
  • For taking photos of very small things like insects, sea creatures or flowers use the macro setting, you will amazed at the detail.
  • Put the horizon in the bottom third of the frame and let the sky dominate the photo.
  • For great sunrise and sunset pictures use the long shadows and amazing colours that occur during the early and late hours of the day.
  • digital photo tips sunrise sunset murray river australia

    Sunrises and sunsets are always beautiful to photograph, the colour changes can be quite amazing. This sunrise was taken while we were holidaying and cruising the Murray River on a houseboat. Below are some more digital photo tips.

  • Using a tripod helps hold the camera steady or lean against a solid object.
  • Including a silhouette in your photo can add some depth and perspective. Turn off the camera's flash and add a silhouette in the foreground like a person, rocks or trees etc.
  • When photographing kids, animals or pets wait for the right moment and take several quickly.
  • digital photo tips jumping crocodile adelaide river northern territory kakadu australia

    This is an action photo of a real crocodile about 2 metres long jumping for meat. This photo was taken while we were on an amazing 'nature' day cruise on the Adelaide River Northern Territory. Here are even more digital photo tips.

  • The weather can play a big part when taking pictures, work with the weather conditions to take some amazing photos.
  • Clear mornings and nights can produce beautiful sunrises and sunsets, a misty day can produce photos that have a bit of mystery about them, sun shining between clouds can make a spectacular backdrop.
  • Each season also brings with it different characteristics like stunning colours in Autumn, new growth in spring, cold weather or snow in winter and beautiful sunny days and outdoor activities in summer.

Digital cameras are excellent for taking great instant photos to keep on your computer or to print. Digital cameras also can take very practical photos for when your are travelling or on holidays.

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