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When you are planning your Driving in Australia holiday or road trip remember to allow for driving time, sightseeing time and relaxing time.

For example driving from north to south through the centre of Australia will take at least a week, but you won't have time for much sight seeing.

Allowing at least 2 to 4 weeks is more realistic as there is so much to see and do especially around Alice Springs, Uluru Ayers Rock and Darwin, Kakadu National park.

While driving in Australia on your road trip or holiday you will see and appreciate beautiful coastal scenery, rock formations only nature could create. Man made structures with historical signifigance and the new and bold, also waterways, beaches and the ocean that are to be admired and used for fun and recreation in many ways, always take photos to remember everywhere you travel.

These driving in Australia tips will give you an example of how far and what you can do to make your trip more enjoyable and safer.

  • To drive around Australia you need to allow at least 6 months or longer so that you can see plenty of the sights along the way.
  • stuart highway map

  • To give you an idea of size – An example would be to drive from Adelaide in the South to Darwin at the Top End including travelling through Alice Springs in Central Austalia as shown on map.

    This trip is a total of about 3,000 kilometres (1880 miles) plus any extra side trips.
    For example - add an extra 500 kilometres to drive from the Stuart Highway to Uluru – Ayers Rock and return.
  • At least have a general itinerary of your trip, carry a map of the area you are going to and a GPS is well worth taking especially if you are going 4 wheel driving.
  • Keep in contact with a family member etc so they know where you are and your next destinations.
  • Watch out for wildlife like kangaroos, wombats, emus, cattle etc especially around sunrise and sunset.
  • kangaroo on road driving road trip australia

    Driving In Australia - Kangaroo crossing the road

    Kangaroos do cross roads whenever they like so be on the look out for them, they are more likely to in forested areas and there is generally 'kangaroo' or other wildlife warning signs in these areas.

    Google Map Of Australia

    You can use this map of Australia to help you plan your holiday and get some ideas or suggestions for where to go driving in Australia.

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    This Google Map of Australia can be dragged and clicked on to be enlarged for better detail of destinations.
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    More Driving In Australia Tips

  • Have a mobile phone with you at all times and keep it well charged, but be aware in Outback areas your mobile phone may not get any reception if you are not near a town. Satellite phones can be hired and are far more reliable in remote areas.

    Also have a UHF radio fitted in your car so you can contact other vehicles you maybe travelling with or nearby traffic or locals if necessary.

  • If you plan to go four wheel driving for several days or weeks be prepared with detailed mapping, extra food and water, check where you can get more fuel and take at least one spare wheel and a tyre repair kit with the appropriate tools.
  • Hiring a car it is easiest use a website that does the comparing of brands and prices for you. Car hire can be the most convenient way to travel Australia, especially if you are visiting Australia.

    For more information visit

driving outback eastern central australia in car road trip

Driving In Australia - Eastern Central Outback Australia

"Our 3 week trip in Eastern Central Australia included unique outback towns like Birdsville, Innamincka, Oodnadatta, the Old Ghan railway track, Mount Dare, William Creek, Alice Springs and the spectacular Chambers Pillar, Coopers Creek, Burke and Wills monuments and the 'Dig' tree.

A truly inspirational Aussie Adventure that we loved doing and would recommend to anyone who is interested in 4 wheel driving adventure and road trip in Outback Australia."

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