Family Camping Tips So You All Can Enjoy Your Family Car Trip Holiday

Camping with kids in Australia is a lot of fun and creates memories to treasure. These family camping tips will help you have a great camping trip.

Camping can be with none or basic amenities with no power to staying at a 5 star camp ground in a Holiday Park with all the amenities and facilities like a pool, games room and camp kitchen.

There are many other possibilities like staying at a very remote eco friendly location with nature all around, on a beautiful island like Fraser island with stunning beaches and scenic places to explore.

The Choice is Yours to Go Camping Your Way!

Top Ten Family Camping Tips

  • Use a Checklist - So you remember to take everything you need that is on your camping and holiday checklist.
  • Set up in Daylight – It is much easier to be setting up camp before dark.
  • Keep Food Simple – Start with basic meals.
  • Keep Comfortable – Take appropriate clothing and bedding.
  • Get Kids Involved – Encourage your kids to help and do things like letting them take some holiday photos, if you can give them a camera each or share one.
  • What Facilities Suit - Decide what amenities you need or don’t need.
  • At Night Time – Make sure everyone has access to a torch each so they feel safer and there won't be any fights, hopefully.

    Take extra batteries, someone is bound to leave their torch on all night.

  • Learn Along the Way – Use any opportunity to learn more about nature, camping, history etc.
  • Keep Toys to a Minimum – Only taking the ‘have to’ toys or books is an excellent family camping tip.

    Your Kids will make up their own games and find campground mates to play games with.

  • Relax and Enjoy - Australia has beautiful scenery and experiences, take time out to enjoy it.

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Things To Do With Kids When Camping

When you are camping with your children you don't want to hear them say 'I'm Bored' so here are a few family camping tips for things to do so they keep busy.

When you are doing a new activity, show your kids 'how to do it' rather than telling them. Then let them have a go, show them again if necessary.

  • Get Wet - Going swimming or enjoy other water sports.
  • Get Some Exercise - Go walking, hiking, or cycling along trails. Point out interesting things to your kids if they don't see them.
  • Nature is Amazing - Watching birds or animals can be so exciting, take some binoculars for a close up look.
  • Play Games - Plenty of games can be played in the great outdoors. Take a ball and bat, frisbees are great too, they can be used almost anywhere - Also take a few travel games and card games like Uno.
  • Basic Navigation - Show your kids how to read maps and how to use a compass.
  • Have a Campfire - Making a campfire is special and fun, especially when you are sitting around it at night being mesmirised by the flickering flames.

  • Camp Cooking - Camp cooking is great fun, try making something easy like pancakes, scones or damper with your kids.
  • Watch the Night Sky - Take along a constellation map and find the 'Southern Cosss' and other constellations. Be the first to see a 'shooting star' and make a wish.
  • Enjoy Fishing - Go fishing in lakes, rivers or in the sea.
  • Make a Diary or Journal to Keep - Give your kids a scrapbook so they can make a holiday journey, which can include maps, postcards, a story, brochures, a bit of nature like leaves or feathers and of course photos.

Preparing For Camping - Family Camping Tips

These 'preparing to camp' family camping tips will give you plenty of ideas or reminders for all campers when you start planning your camping holiday in Australia.

  • First Time – Practice putting up your tent and using equipment before your first camping trip.
  • Simple Meals - Plan your meals in advance and choose meals which are easy to prepare and don’t require lots of cooking time or utensils. Use ingredients that can be easily stored and used.
  • Before Leaving Home - Tell everyone that needs to know of your plans and when you will be returning.

    Have your newspapers and letters picked up and make plans for your pets to be looked after if they aren't going with you.

  • Packing - Pack your vehicle with the heaviest items down low and the lighter things like blankets and sleeping bags up higher - on the roof rack if necessary.

    If you have a wagon type vehicle the best and safest way to stop luggage, boxes or your dog from entering the passenger area is to have a cargo barrier installed.

    If you are not sure if all your cargo is going to fit do a trial run a day or two before leaving on your holiday or road trip.

  • Use a Checklist - Keep a checklist, it is very easy to forget something taht may be important.
  • Take Water - Take plenty of drinking water with you, fresh water may not be easily available.
  • Clothing - Wearing layers of clothes usually works best as the weather can change considerably during the day and night.

    If you are camping with kids some old spare clothes maybe be handy and a clean set for going home or going out for a meal is always useful. Colourful clothes can be seen easily from a distance or at least a bright cap or hat.

  • Camping the First Time - Start camping with short trips close to home until you get used to it.
  • Remember Birthdays - It is easy to forget special days like birthdays or some other special day when you are travelling.

    Prepare any presents or cards before you leave home especially ones that you may need to send while you are away.

Younger Children Family Camping Tips

  • Weather - If you are going camping with children try to pick average weather, not too hot or cold. This will make it easier for you.
  • Everyone Can Help - Let your kids help you setup the tent and camp even if it takes longer. The more they learn, the sooner they will be able to do it themselves and actually help you.
  • Young Kids - Young Kids are very inventive and can keep themselves busy creating their own games, take a soft toy, blanket or a favourite toy for comfort.

  • Back packs or Carry bag - To keep your childs toys together a backpack or some other type of bag may help from things being lost. In the car you could have a small bag with a few things in for a days travelling to keep them amused.
  • Nap Time - Toddlers and young children are usually great at napping in the car so try to work around these times and use them to your advantage.

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Family Camping Tips While Camping

  • Torches – Have a torch in each tent just in case it is needed at night.
  • Look After Your Valuables – Keep your valuable in a safe place and out of sight.
  • Travel Sickness - Be prepared for travel sickness if anyone travelling with you may need tablets etc.
  • Sleeping - For a good night’s sleep on a hot night unzip a window in your tent slightly. This will help remove unwanted moisture.
  • Insulated Cups - Insulated cups with lids are very useful. They keep your drink hot or cold and insects out.
  • Respect - Be courteous to fellow travellers and campers is a great family camping tip, set a good example for you children.

    There will always be campers being idiots some where in your travels, use them as an example of what 'not to do'.

    Respect all wildlife when you are in there natural habitat, some are dangerous, others are great to watch and take a photo of. Then and let them go on their way.

  • Night Time - Learn about astronomy and watch the stars at night, you may even see a shooting star. Look out for wildlife sneaking around at night. Glow sticks are safe and great fun for kids at night.

    There are all sorts of lighting to use at night like LED lights, gas lamps, torches, recharable lamps or lights, have a look in your local camp store to work out what is best for you.

  • Keep Warmer - To keep warmer wear a hat – 80% of heat loss occurs through your head.
  • First Aid - Always carry a First Aid kit and book, the contents should be checked each time you are packing in case an item needs replacing.
  • Sunscreen - Remember to rub on the sunscreen to prevent burning when ever you need to.

Camping in Australia and going on a family car trip holiday is a fun adventure providing you are prepared.

How much you need to be prepared does depend on how and where you are camping, the above family camping tips will help you.

Everyone has different Camping Ideas and Ways to go camping which is why camping is so popular for all ages and destinations.

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