Visit Fraser Island QLD For An
Exciting Adventure Camping Holiday

Camping, driving and exploring on Fraser Island QLD is a very exciting and interesting experience. Only Four wheel drive vehicles are permitted as all driving is on sand or rough tracks.

Believe it or not the largest sand island in the world is Fraser Island in Queensland which is near Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Hervey Bay north of Brisbane.

To get on to Fraser Island you can fly by plane or go on a ferry from Inskip point, Rainbow Beach to arrive at Hook Point on Fraser Island.

Leaving from Hervey Bay the ferry leaves from Riverheads, Hervey Bay to arrive at Wanggoolba Creek on Fraser Island.

Fraser island is huge and is 123 kilometres in length and 22 kilometres wide.

  • You can drive through rainforests that are growing on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres.
  • A Camping permit is required before going onto the island if you are staying overnight or longer. You can get a permit from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Office at Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay.

Guide Map Fraser Island

My family have been to Fraser Island several times now and every time is a great adventure. We camped alongside the beach and we also camped at Dundabara Campground.

fraser island qld

Driving on Fraser Island is interesting, the 75 Mile Beach is a recognised highway, so normal road rules apply and the general speed is about 80 km/ph. Anyone on the beach fishing, walking, sunbaking must be aware that vehicles can go past anytime.

fraser island qld driving on beach

When the tides are low are the safest time to drive on the beach so you must check the tide times if you are planning to drive along the beach, many mishaps have happened with vehicles being carried out with the tide.

The shipwreck ‘Maheno’ has an interesting history and is on the beach for eveyone to stop and have a look.

fraser island qld maheno shipwreck

fraser island qld lake mckenzie

Inland there are many inland tracks that take you to some beautiful places like Lake Mackenzie which is just stunning with the bluest water and the whitest sand.

Eli Creek starts inland and flows out into the sea so it is very easy to get to also. Exploring the northern end of Fraser Island QLD is sure worth it as there are special places to visit like the Orchid Pools, spectacular Indian Head, relaxing Champagne Pools, Cathedral Beach and Waddy Point.

If you are not so keen on camping and 4 wheel driving, you can holiday in Fraser Island Australia on several resorts and tours can be arranged, so everyone can get to see and explore it’s stunning scenery.

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