Useful Free Online Maps For Planning Your Aussie Holiday

Free online maps and tools are an excellent way to start planning your holiday or road trip in Australia.

There are many types of maps online available for you, including maps to search for locations or destinations, finding the distances and the approximate hours of driving.

Free online maps are also great for finding attractions and experiences, checking the current weather conditions and the forecasted weather and accommodation like Holiday parks and motels.

These online maps are an example of the available useful travel maps.

Free Online Maps

Google Maps are easy and free to use anytime so they are a great option, there is also Google Earth Maps for a different view of the world and Google Street View where you 'really' do get a street view in populated areas.

Using Google maps you can create your own maps of your planned trip or find a destination or a specific address by simply searching for it.

Using these Google Earth destination maps will help you decide where to go for your holiday. Google Earth maps are easy to use and a lot of fun finding unique places and attractions.

'Whereis' is also another excellent free online mapping tool that you can search for a specific business address. Easily select many types of businesses or facilities to be shown on the map at the city or town you are travelling to or are visiting. eg. show service stations, banks, restaurants, schools etc.

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Travel Planners

There are many online travel planners, my favourite is 'Drive There' it uses Google Mapping and your trip can easily be added step by step and can be changed until you get it just right.

Street and Business Directory

This Street and business Directory is excellent, it includes an accommodation directory, street view, every state or territory can be selected and you can zoom in for great detail.

Distances between cities and towns are clearly marked so you can easily see how far it is between destinations. Select state, region and shire at top left of the navbar. Then select more choices from the business directory for more

Australian Rail Free Online Maps

Australian Rail Maps website shows every local and national train rail service in Australia so that you the traveller can determine if a rail service is available for your chosen route. Timetables are available so always check with the service directly to confirm times of travel.

Australia has some excellent tourist rail trips like the 'The Ghan' and the 'Indian Pacific' and more throughout the country. There is also a travel planner where you can add the leaving from and arriving destination and the available services will be shown.

Public Toilet Map

The 'Public Toilet Map' is an excellent resource for travellers on the road, we all have to go and finding them can be a difficult sometimes, especially when in a

Australian Weather Map

The weather is a very important part of your planning a holiday and while travelling. It is very helpful if you can check the weather forecast occasionally.

This may help you avoid inclement weather and enjoy more good weather. The Bureau of Meteorology is an excellent source for Australian weather

Satellite Maps of Australia

GPS - Global Positioning Systems

GPS work from a network of satellites that circle the earth every day, this amazing technology has unlimited uses. Already used in in-car navigation, portable GPS devices and mobile phones and many more devices are available.

When we have been travelling we found the GPS very useful for predicting the approximate arrival time at our destination, all we had to do was enter your travel route for the day. The time kept adjusting because it knew when we stopped or if we travelled different roads than what was suggested.

Also the GPS was very useful when we were in Alice Springs in Central Australia, we needed to go to a camping shop. We had the address, entered it in and the GPS took us straight there easily.

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