Fun Free Things To Do At Australian Beaches On Your Next Holiday

Finding fun free things to do at the beach doesn't just mean swimming and making sandcastles there are so many other fun free things to do at Australian beaches.

Australia has thousands of beaches to enjoy doing things to do which include activities like exploring the rockpools and getting some exercise with a brisk walk or jog along the beach.

Playing games like beach cricket are always fun, water sports like surfing, fishing and playing in the sand and waves, walking your dog before the beach gets busy, simply relaxing with a book or magazine and taking in the ocean view.

Beach Safety

When you go to the beach one very important thing to remember before you do anything is beach safety.

  • Look out for the red and yellow flags at the beach, to keep safe swim between the flags.
  • Look out for beach safety signs and read them.
  • Life guards are there to help you and so you can ask for safety advice.
  • Swimming with a friend is fun but also great if either of you need help.
  • If you get into difficulty, attract attention by waving your arms and calling out and stay as calm as possible.

For more beach safety information visit

fun free things to do beach lifesaver

Be Sun Smart in Australia

Be Sun Smart when you are at the beach and outdoors.

Protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer.

  • Slip on a Tshirt or even better a long sleeve shirt.
  • Slop on the sun screen every few hours.
  • Slap on a large hat to protect your face, ears and neck from sunburn.
  • Seek shade under a shelter or tree.
  • Slide on sun glasses to protect your eyes.

For more information about sun protections visit

fun free things to do beach

Lets Have Some Beach Fun

Here are some great fun free things to do next time you go to an Australian beach they include the whole family and especially things for kids to do.

Some are the old favourites but hopefully you will find something different to try next time you visit your local beach or a different beach while enjoying a holiday or on a road trip in Australia.

All Australia's beaches are different so everything on this fun free things to do list may not suit every beach. The weather conditions can vary so this can change the activities you do.

  • Look for seashells, coloured glass and anything else interesting to keep as a momento or to use for some kind of art.
  • Have a picnic or Barbecue by the beach, at most popular beaches facilities are supplied like picnic tables, covered areas, barbecues which are usually on the grassed areas near the beach.
  • Write messages in the sand, play games like noughts and crosses in the sand, have drawing pictures in the wet sand wait for a wave to wash it away and draw another picture. Take photos of your art work and make it into a photo or postcard.
  • fun free things to do beach waves

  • Many types of ball games are fun free things to do like playing beach cricket, volleyball or simply throw the ball around on the sand or in the water.
  • Frisbees are always popular on the beach, can be played between two people or more. to make it more interesting draw a circle and try to land the frisbee in the target zone.
  • Many beaches have boardwalks or paths to walk on, go for a walk and explore more of the beach or area. For a more serious walk there maybe hiking trails that may take you to other beaches or locations nearby. Take a swim to cool off afterwards.
  • All types of getting wet activities, from paddling in the waves to swimming, surfing on a boogie board or getting more serious on a surf board with the bigger wavesare always fun free things to do.
  • fun free things to do beach waves surfing

  • Try flying a kite, make your own or buy a cheap one, there is usually at least a light sea breeze when at the beach. If it too windy try again another day.
  • Sunsets and sunrises can be pretty special at some beaches, get your camera ready.
  • Relax, you can just sit down and relax, you are on holidays.

  • Celebrate a birthday or special occasion at he beach.
  • Building sandcastles is always a fun free thing to do at any age. It can be the simplest design to the most elaborate. Kids (and Big kids!) always love making sandcastles - some have moats, tunnels, towers and can be decorated with shells and seaweed. Sandcastles will keep kids amused for hours.

    Sand scuplting has become a serious artform - Frankston in Victoria has sand sculpting displays if you are interested in seeing their amazing art. Visit

  • fun free things to do beach kids playing

  • Read a book or magazine, do a crossword etc.
  • Look out for all types of sea creatures, count how many different ones you see.
  • Take your dog for a walk and play on the beach - check to make sure if dogs are permitted on the beach first.
  •  walking dog beach

  • Take a leisurely walk or jog on the beach.
  • An interesting cheap or fun free thing to do is to look out for historic sites, museums etc they can be very interesting.
  • Take your camera or video and take some memorable family photos and pictures of the beach to remember the day.
  • Fishing is one of the most relaxing fun free thing to do at the beach. You can fish from the sand, off a jetty or pier, you can also try rock fishing - be careful when rock fishing, rogue waves have been known to wash people off rocks while fishing.

Fishing in Australia is very popular and there are many different fishing destinations here will excite any angler.

Fishing in Australia website has info for all the states in Australia and gives anglers the knowledge and an insight into just what fishing is available in Australia.

Come and enjoy Fishing in Australia because Australia is a very large country where you can try many types of fishing in the sea or freshwater in all the great fishing hot spots.

From the top of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland down to southern Australia on the mainland to Tasmania and all the way from eastern Australia to western Australia, you will be able to find the perfect fishing spot when you fish in any of Australia's states and territories waterways.

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