Enjoying A Holiday On A Budget
With These Cheap Travel Tips

When you are planning a holiday on a budget, cheap accommodation and keeping travelling costs down will be what you may think of first.

There are many ways to have a cheap holiday, look out for special offers and discounted accommodtion. A limited budget shouldn't stop you from having a great holiday to remember.

You may wish to stay in a 5-star hotel but in reality you will probably be staying in a tent, campervan, cabin, budget motel or backpackers accommodation. There are many locations to camp cheaply, we really enjoyed camping at Chambers Pillar in Central Australia.

Camping there cost less than $10 per night and we saw the sunset and sunrise over Chambers Pillar which was quite magical.

camping at chambers pillar

Camping near Chambers Pillar in Central Australia

Plan your holiday on a budget so it can be relaxing and you are not stressing about what you are spending. There are many free and cheap attractions and experiences you can enjoy, sometimes the free ones can be very memorable for many reasons.

There are many free and cheap activities and experiences that you can enjoy.

Depending on your budget, it may be possible to treat yourselves to something special that you have always wanted to do.

This could be a river or harbour cruise, jet boat ride, a night or two in a 5 star hotel, visit all the theme parks, race a V8 race car, experience a tall ship BBQ lunch cruise, tour the country on a Harley, swim with sharks or dolphins, get wet and try parasailing or white water rafting and so many more Aussie things to do.

It is easy to spend extra money on repairs, take a way meals, ice creams, snacks and drinks, medications, fares for taxis or trains, souvenirs and guide books or maps, newspapers and magazines, try to allow a little extra in your budget for any extra purchases.

Plan ahead and budget as best you can and you will have a great holiday.

Start saving as soon as you can even if your holiday is a year or two later. Use a 'piggy bank' or organise an automatic debit into a separate bank account.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos or videos so you can create memories to look back on in the years ahead.

Even if you are on taking a budget holiday you can have a great time, there are many activities you can do for free or cheaply. Look out for them, sometimes they can be the highlight of your holiday. Happy Travelling!!

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