Australia Holiday Travel Safety Tips
For Road Trip Driving

Use these holiday travel safety tips as a guide for your next road trip and adventure self drive holiday. Take extra care where ever you travel in Australia.

Your first road trip can be a challenge but as long as you have planned and are prepared it will be easier.

Going on a road trip is exciting, you don't have to travel huge distances, try travelling for a few hours a day, then go further when you are ready.

If you are not used to driving long distances. Set yourself reasonable goals and take breaks at every 1 to 2 hours. Try to stop in a rest area, town or scenic area.

The following holiday travel safety tips can be used as a guide when you are planning your driving holiday or road trip and travelling long distances.

holiday travel safety tips driving central australia

Before You Leave Home

  • Make sure your vehicle is ready and required maintenance has been done. Fluid levels should be checked, tyres should be in good condition and inflated correctly. including the spare tyre.
  • When you are planning your trip take note of types of roads you will be driving on and only drive on roads that are suited to your vehicle.
  • The majority of roads are sealed, The gravel roads are usually back country or remote roads. Some gravel roads are rougher and are best driven on with a four wheel drive vehicle.
  • When packing your vehicle make sure all your luggage is secure, especially hard objects like suitcases, you don't want your cargo shifting if you have to brake suddenly. Cargo barriers are excellent to protect passengers in vehicles like station wagons.

On the Road Holiday Travel Safety Tips

  • All passengers should wear seat belts, young children should have restraints suitable for their age. Pets should also be restrained in either a crate or a harness.
  • When you are on the road, be organised so that everything you need is easy to find like maps, documents, sunglasses, money, snacks, drinks etc.
  • The driver should take a rest break at least every two hours. Everyone could have a short walk, a toilet visit, have a snack, drink and enjoy in the view.
  • If you have kids travelling with you hang a backpack or travel organiser on the back of the front seat to store books, toys, drinks etc.
  • Keeping your vehicle reasonably tidy helps everyone, clean it out after your days travel or before you head off in the morning. Have a bag for any rubbish collected during the day travels. Then the rubbish and junk won't fall out the door when you open it.
  • Share the driving if possible to avoid fatigue.
  • Fill your petrol tank often so it does not get low and run out, check the guages and radiator regularly
  • Just in case you have a breakdown have some basic tools and spare parts, water and motor oil.
  • Always take a mobile phone, in the Outback or remote areas your mobile phone may not get reception so consider hiring a satellite phone or personal safety radio beacon.
  • holiday travel safety tips driving fraser island beach

  • Clean your windows, mirrors and lights often so the driver can see properly, this a very important holiday travel safety tip.
  • Look out for wildlife especially at sunrise and sunset – kangaroos, wombats, koalas, sheep, cattle etc.
  • Consider investing in roadside assistance from an Automobile Club like RACV for Victoria, the NRMA in New South Wales or the one in your state or Territory.

Holiday Travel Safety Tips are very important when driving anywhere in Australia so you get to your destination safely.

My family love travelling Australia, most of the longer trips we have been on have been with a 4WD vehicle and with either one or two other families.

If you don't have a four wheel drive vehicle but you want to see the beautiful attractions you can take tours and they will drive you there and tell you all about the destination.

When you decide to travel long distances plan your trip and pack accordingly, use a checklist and these holiday travel safety tips as a guide.

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