How To Camp With Kids For A Fun Family Adventure Travel Holiday

Kids love camping and are always keen to learn how to camp. The younger they are and the more often you take them the quicker they get used to going camping.

My children all started camping at an early age, about 6 to 12 months old, they loved it then, many years later they still love camping.

Encourage them to be campers and they will continue camping for many years and hopefully take their kids camping.

Make camping fun, let them get a bit dirty and play with other camp kids. Encourage them to help you set up the camp and get them involved even if it takes twice as long.

The more they learn how to camp the sooner they will be able to 'really' help setup your campsite.

how to camp

Listen to their camping ideas and suggestions and make it a team effort and work together.

I found that camping with children does change the way you look at camping as you have to keep them fed, happy, safe and reasonably clean.

Going camping with babies maybe not as hard as you think, they usually sleep a lot during the day and they are adaptable to what is happening around them and most of all they are happy to be where ever you are.

Toddlers can be a challenge because they can move quickly and need to be watched so they don't run away. There is plenty for them to do and they love to try and help you do things.

School children are older and much easier to take camping, most of the time they look after themselves. They love to help you most of the time especially when you are doing something they are interested in doing like cooking, fishing, going for walks etc. Teenagers are more responsible so they will be able to help more around the camp.

Taking kids camping adds a new dimension to your camping or travelling adventures. It is a bit of adjustment from camping 'without' kids to camping 'with' kids.

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The First Family Camping Trip

Dont rush, Take your time, you don't need to travel a long way when you first start camping, most likely there will be some where to camp with in a few hours of home.

Camping with kids for the first time doesn’t always go perfectly but you will soon learn with more practice and better planning and using camping and holiday checklists are a big help.

Start with a short trip like two nights close to home, so you can return home if necessary.

  • try to go camping when the weather is pleasant and not too hot or cold. Camping is more of a challenge if it is necessary to cool them down or have them rugged up to keep warm.
  • Take all the necessary baby supplies, make a checklist before you leave home so you remember everything.
  • Going to a campground that you have been to before may make it easier for you as you will know what facilities are there and where the local shops are etc.
  • Arrive at the campground with plenty of daylight hours so you are not setting up camp in the dark. Having young children will add to the challenge, older kids will be able to help you or at least try to.
  • Have some of your meals planned to make it easier, consider using some packet or tin foods, or prepare some meals at home before you leave that just need reheating.

Family Camping Getting Organised Tips

Depending on the age of your children and how many, everyone may need to compromise a little as you all may want to do different things while camping eg. activities or experiences.

  • Remember that taking kids travelling & camping is more work and a whole lot more fun!
  • Be prepared and aware that someone may get get sick and need to stay in bed, hopefully for only a day or so.
  • You may find it easier to cook more at the campsite rather than buying meals.

You will soon learn how to camp with your baby or toddler and you will notice that they see delight in all sorts of things in their new surroundings.

how to camp

Camping Jobs For Older Kids

When you are camping with kids give them jobs that suits their capabilities so they don’t get frustrated or bored easily. Have it worked out so they know what they have to do each time.

Younger kids will love to learn how to camp so start them with the very basic jobs. Older kids will be able to put up their own tent, set up stoves, lights etc.

Here are a few 'how to camp' job ideas that they can do for starters and you may be able to add in different jobs and share them between several children depending on your situation.

  • Unpacking the car is usually the first job which everyone can help with.
  • Setting up tents can be done by everyone, even younger kids can help clear the area if necessary, help unfold the tent and pull it tight, carry the pegs and try to hit them in.
  • Older kids will be able to do this by themselves, depending on the size of tent a few extra hands may be needed to steady the tent to set up the poles.
  • Kids can get their own bed organised just the way they want it.
  • Collecting fire wood is always fun. Teach your older kids how to start the fire safely.
  • Preparing meals should be reasonably easy if you have planned out what you are having for at least the first few days.

    Let the your kids help and give them some 'how to camp cook' lessons if they are interested.

    Usually it is a good idea to include some of their favourite meals instead of trying all new recipes.

  • Take your time, you are camping so make it casual and don’t worry if the meal is later than it usually is, time doesn’t usually matter.

Give them a reward when the jobs are done it helps get things done quicker, for example they can go for a swim, or go exploring, get an ice cream etc.

There will be lots of little jobs to be done, make them fun rather than being a chore. Everything may take a little longer to do, but remember you are having quality time with your family and they are learning how to camp for a lifetime of fun.

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