How To Create An Itinerary
And Get Your Holiday Organised

Your Travel Australia holiday will be more organised when you know how to create an itinerary.

An itinerary is a plan of your holiday including dates of bookings and proposed dates of where you are travelling to each day or week.

Also included are details of accommodation, destinations, flights and any booking & contact details.

Organise your itinerary while you are planning your holiday, then your holiday will run much smoother and be more enjoyable.

Get some ideas or suggestions together for each section below

Your itinerary can be basic or comprehensive depending on how easy or complex your holiday is. It will be easier once you have read these how to create an itinerary tips.

A basic itinerary might be for a self drive road trip travelling through several states and you have a flexible schedule.

Then include approximate dates, towns to stay overnight at and towns or places you are interested in visiting. Any acommodation or tour booking details would be included and necessary contact details for acommodation, tours, joy flights etc.

how to create an itinerary plan holiday calendar dates

A comprehensive itinerary is more suitable if you are including booked flights, tours, accommodation etc. and you are running to a schedule.

Your itinerary would need to include all the information for your bookings and also include towns, places, activities you would also like to see or do for each day or at different destinations.

It is best to keep you itinerary 'realistic', it is very easy to fill your itinerary with sightseeing & activities and be so busy that you won't be enjoying your Australian holiday.

For each destination make a list of the main things you would like to see and do, research before you travel and when you get there then select your best options.

It is usually better to see a few things properly rather than see a many places for a short time, but this depends entirely on what kind of holiday, where you are and how long you have to travel.

For example a road trip will give you many opportunities to stop often and visit places or just to take photos. Maybe you are staying at each town or place for a week giving you plenty of time for sightseeing and activities.

olgas - how to create an itinerary the olgas kata tjuta central australia

Driving towards the Olgas in Central Australia

Start your itinerary with a section for each day and start adding your details of your holiday. Include the things below if they apply to your holiday. This can on a writing pad or on your computer, then you can add, edit or delete details, then print out several copies.

  • Booked flights - include all details.
  • Booked Accommodation - include all details.
  • Booked Tours etc - include all details.
  • Starting destination - destinations on route - final destination.
  • For each day or destination make list of interesting places & activities in order of preference.
  • If you have places etc. recommended to you - make a note of these.
  • List any interesting accommodation or unique accommodation you really want to stay at.
  • If you know of any special dining experiences add them to your itinerary.
  • Include some free time.

After you have made your first itinerary making another itinerary for your next holiday will be easier, now that you know how to make an itinerary.

Make a copy on your computer and print several copies to share and leave a copy with family, friends etc. Congratulations you know how to create an itinerary which you can review at anytime.

If you have other people travelling with you they may find this page 'How To Create An Itineray' useful, you are welcome to share this page or website with them.

The more effort you put into planning your holiday
the more interesting and exciting it will be.

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