How To Plan A Holiday Tips For An Exciting Adventure Holiday In Australia

Working out how to plan a holiday in Australia is your first step to taking an exciting getaway or road trip, where ever you go you will create great holiday memories to treasure forever.

To plan a holiday you need to think about what type of holiday do you like eg. camping, road trip etc, where do you want to go to, how long do you have, what is your budget and what type of activities or attractions do you want to see eg. the beach, go bush, the outback or a city etc.

Imagine..... Walking on a beautiful pristine beach, surfing the waves or snorkeling and experiencing amazing marine life.

Driving towards that huge rock in Central Austalia - It is stunning, then visit spectacular Alice Springs and the surrounding area.

Go swimming in the refreshing gorges and thermal pools in the Top End, go fishing for Barramundi and admire the amazing wildlife.

Visit Australia's beautiful National Parks, wander through tropical rainforests, be mesmirised by Uluru, climb mountains and be amazed by nature that shapes many wonderful structures like Devils Marbles in Northern Territory and Wave Rock in Western Australia.

The Choice is Yours - Thousands of possibilities! Enjoy!!

berry springs thermal pool

Having fun in Berry Springs Thermal Nature Reserve Pool in NT

"Berry Springs is in the Northern Territory and is a short drive south of Darwin, we stayed there for 5 nights when we were on or road trip to the 'Top End'. There are plenty of things to do at Berry Springs and the surrounding area including the Territory Wildlife Park which was a wonderful display of tropical wildlife, the local fauna and an excellent 'Birds of Prey' display which we loved.

Between Berry Springs and Darwin there is Humpty Doo where you will find a 'Big Thing' which is the 'Jumping Crocodile', closer to Darwin is Howard Springs where you can swim with huge Barramundi and in Darwin you can visit 'Aquascene' and feed wild fish, see a movie at the outdoor deckchair cinema and also visit Mindil Beach, enjoy the market and a great meal while the sun sets and creates stunning images."

How To Plan A Holiday Tips

These how to plan a holiday tips will help you whether you are having a short holiday or a longer one at any destination.

What To Do - Start by thinking about what type of road trip or holiday you are interested in and how long you have available - Do you want adventure, sightseeing, a learning experience or a total relaxation holiday for a week, several weeks or a month or more.

Budget - Work out your holiday budget total, this will help you decide what type of accommodation, activities you will do.
These money saving travel tips will give you a few more suggestions.

If you have a limited budget consider allowing for a special treat activity that you have always wanted to do or stay in a luxury resort for a few days.

Remember there are many free activities and experiences available everywhere, look out for them.

Destination - The list of holidaying destinations is endless, if you have a destination planned that's great. If you don't, do some brainstorming and select one, several or work out a longer trip passing through many locations.

How to plan a holiday is a lot easier if you choose a holiday package deal. They are a great option as everything is included and organised for you, but they don't suit everybody.

You may rather go on a self drive Road Trip and choose what to see, where to stay and what to do.

Choose a holiday destination that suits you and your family or friends. Don't choose a destination on someone else's recommendation unless you are sure it is exactly right. We have found that everyone has different opinions on what is good or not.

We have been to recommended places and found them not so good and been to places with average recommendation and found them great. So it is hard to choose from recommendations.

Resources - Use all the available resources to help you work out how to plan a holiday to suit you. Select your holiday destination and plan an itinerary if required. The internet is a great resource, there is also brochures, travel guides, information centres, map books and travel agents.

Camp Australia Wide books are an excellent resource for finding cheaper and free campsites, campgrounds, rest areas anywhere in Australia with road maps included. There are several different books that are of very high quality and extremely useful. Any of these books will help you when you are working out how to plan a holiday in Australia with your partner, family and friends etc.

Book Ahead - Booking your accommodation or tours ahead is usually recommended, they always require a deposit or full payment. Knowing that your holiday is booked helps you have a stress free holiday preparation.

If you are doing a self drive tour and moving from town to town every few days with no set itinerary, it may suit you better to book your accommodation several days ahead. This also works with campers who are constantly moving.

Travel Insurance is an optional extra that seems a waste of money until some thing goes wrong. Unfortunately things do go wrong and a flight or tour has to be cancelled, your luggage gets lost or stolen etc. Your travel insurance will cover incidences like these and more. Worth considering especially if you are outlaying for an expensive holiday in Australia or overseas.

Pack Your Luggage - When packing your luggage choose clothes that are suitable to the climate you are going to, try not to over do it. It is very easy to pack too much, most places will have facilities for washing. Remember important documents, camera, medicines etc.

Recording Your Holiday - Take a camera and video camera if you have one and take some spectacular images. Also keep mementos like tickets, postcards, brochures and those interesting things you pick up along the way. If you are on a longer trip consider recording it in writing in a diary or on a blog online using

create holiday photo album

When you are working out how to plan a holiday for yourself, family or friends consider the above tips that suit your type of holiday. Then discuss with everyone involved and have the best ever holiday.

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