Best Information About Australia Books, Maps and Guides

Travel information about Australia and guide books are essential when you are planning to travel Australia. The range of guides, maps and atlases are amazing, the authors and publishers have been working overtime to create such a variety.

You have many to choose from to suit your road trip or vacation.

Travel destination guides come in all shapes, sizes with different purposes and features such as showing all of Australia, each state or territory, sections like the east coast, west coast or the outback.

travel destinations guides whitehaven beach whitsunday island queensland

You can use your travel guides to visit beautiful locations like Whitehaven Beach at the Whitsundays in Queensland

Also specialised guides have been created for regions, 4 wheel drivers, backpackers, campers, camp cooking, family activities, experiences and recreational activities like cycling, fishing, walking and hiking trails.

I find travel destination guides and books fascinating with their stunning photos of magical places that make you wish you could be transported there immediately!

They also have in depth information and knowledge of specific experiences that will help you decide where you are going to travel and things to do. There are plenty of online book stores that sell Australian travel books and guides, but only a few that have a large range and sell them at discounted prices all the time.

Information About Australia Travel Guides

There are many 'information about Australia' books and guides in all shapes and sizes that include exciting information about Australia's best destinations to visit, exciting things to do, adventurous, scenic and exciting attractions to visit and so much more.

Each travel guide covers a variety of information, some books are compact to fit in a backpack. The larger books are much more suitable for helping you plan your road trip at home and carry in your vehicle so you can refer to it as you travel.

There will be a travel guide suitable for your road trip, vacation or holiday anywhere in you want to travel in Australia.
I recommend these Australia Travel Destination Guides and Books.

Australia Atlases and Road Map Books

There are a huge variety of atlases and road map books, they all will help you not to get lost and to get to your destination, accommodation, tour, attractions etc.

They are also excellent for working how far you can travel in a day, working out your itinerary, giving different route options and helping you discover new interesting places to explore.

Most map books include more then just the normal maps, some will include four wheel drive maps, others include great detail about specific recognised road trips or they will be an accommodation directory with maps.
I recommend these Road Maps of Australia Books

Australia Camping Books

Camping does include all types of travellers from hiking and cycling to travelling in a motorhome or fifth wheeler. Every camper and traveller requires different information so there are many types of camping books and guides.

Camping books are generally about giving you camping tips, camp cooking, suggestions for budget places to camp, finding unique campsites, finding suitable accommodation and they nearly always include maps or directions.

Camping in unique places can be very exciting and adventurous especially in National Parks. There are many exciting destinations to camp at like camping near the beach, a rainforest, in the Outback or in the Kimberley.
I recommend these Camping Books and Guides

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