Experiencing Huge Lake Argyle
In The Stunning Remote
Kimberley Western Australia

Lake Argyle is an amazing place to see and experience.

Before I saw the lake I assumed it was just like
any other lake - definitely not true.

We visited the lake several years ago and found it is absolutely huge and very scenic.

Lake Argyle holds enough water to fill the Sydney Harbour eighteen times at normal capacity. At full capacity it could double that amount.

The view from the dam wall was quite amazing on one side was the lake and on the other was the water rushing down the Ord River towards Kununurra.

Lake Argyle is enormous, when you are in the biggest part of the lake it is like being on the ocean, you can only see the horizon.

lake argyle

Looking across a small part of the lake from the dam wall

  • The aboriginals inhabited Lake Argyle area for about forty thousand years before Europeans discovered this east Kimberley area.
  • In the late 1800s the Kimberley area started to be used for cattle by the Duracks, this was the start of the Kimberley becoming a cattle empire.
  • At Lake Argyle you can go on cruises on the lake, see beautiful wildlife to take great photos of, there are many things to do like fishing, go on tours, charter flights over the lake and visit the interesting heritage Durack Homestead.
  • We went for a 'quick' swim with thousands of freshwater crocodiles when we went on the sunset cruise.

The lake is in the Top End of Western Australia near the Northern Territory so it can be driven to from Kununurra or from the Northern Territory via the Victoria Highway, which ia about a 35 kilometre scenic drive on a sealed road.

lake argyle

Looking down on the dam wall with our cars on it

That enormous 'dam' wall is all that is stopping stopping a major flood of Kununurra and beyond.

ord river

Looking down the Ord River towards Kununurra

lake argyle

Showing the water flowing into the Ord River with an interesting colour change to green

lake argyle

Us admiring the amazing view

We went on the sunset Lake cruise from about 3pm to 6pm and it was wonderful, the tour operators talked about the lake while we were on the boat.

They showed us various maps and information that really was mind blowing - understanding how huge the lake is and that 'dam' wall is all that is holding the water and creating the lake.

These photos I took while on the cruise.

lake argyle

Jumping in and swimming with 20,000 freshwater crocs and many more catfish.

lake argyle

A Pelican enjoying a cruise around

lake argyle

Stunning View

lake argyle

Catfish enjoying a 'feeding frenzy' on bread

lake argyle

Another Stunning View of this beautiful lake

Visiting this huge lake is one of the many stunning experiences in the Kimberley, very highly recommended.

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