Use Travel Maps Of Australia To Plan Your Best Adventure Holiday

When travelling your road and tourism maps of Australia are going to be very important, the last thing you want to do is get lost and arrive late at your destination.

Maps of Australia come in many different formats, shapes, sizes and have many different uses.

There are maps for each state, territory, regions, towns, National parks and attractions like theme parks, zoos or wildlife parks.

All maps have the purpose of helping you find your way around easier as you travel or drive and explore cities, towns and beyond.

You probably have a favourite maps of Australia book or an online mapping website and travel guides always ready for when you get the inspiration to travel Australia.

When you start to plan and then go on your holiday you will be surprised how many maps you will have used by the time you return home.

maps of australia compass directions

"Lucky for us we don't have to find our way by a compass or the stars"

Types of Mapping Resources

Before you leave on your holiday you will probably use a road map book, maybe online maps, online travel planners and maps on tourism websites. When you are on the road you may use any of these types of maps and resources.

  • Road map books, fold out maps or detailed 4WD maps.
  • You can use free Online maps of Australia like Google Maps for driving directions and planning. Google Earth Maps are interesting, you can get a birds eye view of a destination or place instantly.
  • Online travel planners, tourism websites or weather maps.
  • There are books that are a combination of maps and an accommodation directory for all Australia and the separate states, cities and towns.

    The Camps Australia Wide books are an exceptional map/accommodation books

  • If you are camping, most campgrounds or Holiday Parks you go to you will provide you with a campsite map, usually called a mud map.
  • Most accommodation places and Tourist Information Centres will provide you with maps to the town, local area and region.
  • GPS or Global Positioning Systems are very popular and are quite often referred to by their brand names like Navman, Tom Tom and Garmin.

    The GPS is very useful for finding your way around unfamiliar towns and roads as you get a visual view on the screen or you can key in an address eg. your accommodation and it will guide you there.

Online Road Map of Australia

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Types of Printed Maps of Australia

Travel Map Books

The most common travel Australia map book are like an atlas and cover all of Australia, the states and territories, cities & towns, major roads to gravel roads.

Folded Road Maps of Australia

Fold Out Road Maps are also very common and usually purchased for a specific region or state as you can see the whole area on one page in great detail.

Fold out maps of Australia are excellent when you want a compact detailed map of a particular area that you are travelling in, they generally are very cheap, usually less than $10.

The newer folding road maps are made so they are easier to fold up and they include details like national parks, camping areas, attractions, tourist routes, caravan parks and other accommodation, tourist information centres and contact details, 4WD tracks and much more.

Four Wheel Driving Maps

Four wheel drive maps either come in books as a very detailed guide or as a fold out map showing the gravel tracks, creek crossings, hazards, travel safety tips etc that usually aren't shown in normal maps.

4WD map books are usually much more than just maps they can include 4WD treks for the beginner to the enthusiast, safety tips, 4WD techniques and maintenance, GPS readings and local campsites and attractions.

Strip Maps

Strip maps aren't used much anymore but they are still available, they are a print out of a trip between two destinations eg. Sydney to Melbourne.

This style of map is a long strip of paper that is a simple fold and flip over style. They include distances, roadside features, town descriptions and facilities.

Here are some strip maps available from Wilmap website.

Travel Brochures And Guides

Every State, territory, region, city and main towns have a variety of promotional brochures and guides from one page to a professional booklet.

They usually include travel maps of the area, tourist attractions, accommodation, images of the town and surrounding area, self driving trips for you to explore the area at your own pace.

Mud Maps

Mud Maps originate from our early settlers drawing maps in the mud or dirt with a stick. Although we still do this occasionally mud maps have become a little more sophisticated and they are hand drawn or printed on paper.

maps of australia mud map directions

Campsite Maps

When you book into a campsite, Holiday Park or National Park you will usually receive a printed mud map or brochure of the camping ground and surrounding area.

The campground map may also include walking trails, driving tracks, locations of attractions, facilities available, safety tips, campground rules and information about the local flora and fauna. These campground 'mud' maps can be basic in 'black and white' or a colourful professional campsite map that includes tourism information.

Walking and Hiking Trail Maps

National Parks will give you walking, hiking and driving maps including 4 wheels drive tracks, creek crossings and any natural attractions that are interesting to visit.

They usually include the approximate time it will take to walk or drive to each location, safety tips and the degree of difficulty eg. easy, moderate or challenging.

Returning Home and Remembering your Holiday Maps of Australia for Recording Your Journey

After returning from your journey there is nothing better than reminiscing about every day of your travels. The amazing sights, experiences, characters you met along the way and the adventures that make you smile months or years later.

We all bring back photos, maybe video, brochures and souvenirs but these don't actually show where you travelled like a map of Australia does.

A map gives you the visual of where you have been, which is especially good when you show people your trip who have not travelled to that area of Australia.

Several years ago my family travelled around Eastern Central Australia. When we were at Innamincka I purchased a very special map called 'Journey Jottings'. This map was specially made for recording your personal journey as you travelled or when you got home. I was very impressed with quality and the uniqueness.

When I returned home I checked out the website for more information since then more maps have been created, magnet maps have also been added to the range and they are great for keeping kids busy while travelling.

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