Money Saving Travel Tips For
Your Australian Holiday On A Budget

These easy to use money saving travel tips will help you organise a cheap but wonderful holiday for you and your family.

Holidays don't have to expensive to be fun and relaxing, there are many cheap and easy destinations like the beach and camping at National Parks.

Before you leave home decide where you are going to, so you are not driving to several places and trying to decide which one to stay at.

You will save fuel and precious holiday time looking for your destination. Do some research first on the places you are interested in visiting.

Find out about Australia travel accommodation, activities and Australia tourist travel guide information and maps prior to leaving home.

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Stay Local

There are many types of destinations, activities and experiences to do. Find out what is happening in your own state or territory at

Find your perfect experience, tour and attraction anywhere in Australia with the 'experience' specialists.

Plan your holiday so you know how long you will be away from home for and know what things you are going to do

Create or check your itinerary of the places you want to see when you get to your campsite or holiday accommodation if you haven;t already done so.

Using a budget calculator may help you keep to your planned budget help you from over spending.

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The beach is always fun and an excellent choice when looking for cheap activities that everyone can enjoy.

Pack all the things you need

Use a check list and take with you as much you can or everything you need is a great money saving travel tip. Take any personal items and everything else that you must have with you.

Then you won’t have to buy any extra things on your holiday. Food etc is nearly always more expensive at campgrounds and Holiday Parks.

Special Holiday Packages are worth checking out

There are Australia holiday packages available on the internet and at travel agents. Look for a holiday package deal that will include your accommodation, return air fare, meals, hire car etc.

This way you don’t have to book everything separately making it much easier for you. Check for discounted rates and off peak times holiday package deals.

Cooking Your Own Meals

Staying at accommodation with kitchen facilities makes meals easier to cook and prepare. Most likely you will have your own camp cooking equipment so you will be able to cook meals anywhere you are travelling.

You will save money if you provide 2 or 3 meals a day and buy a meal as a treat when you are out on some days, the cook will appreciate it!

Make a holiday budget

You can make a budget to work out how much you have to spend each day, allow a little extra for something special each day if you can.

These money saving travel tips and ideas may help you from spending too much. Then you will have a terriffic road trip or holiday and when you get home you will be looking forward to the next time.

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