Murray River Australia is an Exciting Adventure Travel Holidays Destination

Visiting the Murray River Australia is an exciting with a new exciting view around every bend in the river. The Murray River is about 2530 kilometres and starts as a small stream in the Australian Alps.

The Murray River travels between New South Wales, Victoria as the border, it then flows through South Australia and eventually flows out to sea in South Australia.

The Murray River has many experiences everyone can enjoy.

A quick drive along the Murray River from start to finish would take about a week and a leisurely drive could take several weeks to a month.

Cruising down the Murray River in a houseboat is the most relaxing experience and trying to catch the biggest Murray Cod is the aim of all fishermen.

The old time paddle steamers and paddle boats are a wonderful sight to see and even better to have a cruise on and imagine what happened in years gone by. There are also many water sports to enjoy particularly in the summer months.

murray river australia

Camping on the banks of the Murray River Australia is enjoyed by many thousands of people every year. Bush camping is enjoyed as well as staying in cabins and other accommodation along the river. House are also a very popular way to enjoy the river at your own pace.

Activities and Experiences

There are many towns along the Murray River that enjoy the tourism that is created because of the stunning beauty, charm and the regular events that happen each year.

Some of the festivals and activities happening are the River Boats Jazz, Food and Wine Festival and the Southern 80, the largest water skiing race in the world in February.

There are exciting events held by some towns along the Murray River like the Jazz and Wine Festval in Mildura.

murray river australia

In December the 'Murray Marathon' is an annual rowing race between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill for over 400 kilometres.

Next time you are planning a holiday or road trip consider visiting The Murray River, there are many towns to visit, activities to do.

Murray River Cruises

Learn the very interesting history of the river while enjoying a Murray River Australia cruise at your leisure and the picturesque surroundings. Some cruises include dining, fine food, wine and great entertainment.

murray river australia

You can take a cruise on a historic paddle steamer or paddle boat like the P.S. Emmylou, Pride of the Murray and many more at riverside towns along the Murray

Our Experiences on the 'Murray'

My family has had many wonderful camping trips and road trips along the Murray River. There is so much to see and experience, every town has its proud 'river' history from years gone by when the river was a water 'highway'.

We have camped at Holiday Parks and mostly bush camped in many locations along the Murray River and absolutely loved it. The Murray River has its own uniqueness with the towering River Red Gums lining the banks.

murray river australia

We have enjoyed many activities and experiences like swimming, fishing off the banks and from a boat, nature walks, campfires, watching the wildlife, meeting other campers and exploring the nearby towns.

Our most relaxing holiday ever was when we hired a houseboat for a week. We moved the houseboat each day for a different view and a new place to explore. We loved the serenity, the occasional boat would go past, wildlife was everywhere, we could go for nature walks, fish off the back deck or use the 'tinnie' boat that we towed along.

murray river australia

Being a 'house' boat we had all the conveniences and plenty of room. The first night we sat up on the top deck, plugged in the laptop and watched a DVD of the band 'The Eagles' under the stars.

During the day the kids sometimes played ball games on the top deck and of course the ball would go overboard - my eldest son with great delight took the fishing boat and fetched the ball. This was a great 'houseboat' holiday hopefully we can go again in the next few years.

Map Of Murray River

This online map of the Murray River Australia shows how huge and interesting the Murray River is, at it winds its way past many towns and attractions.

This map of the Murray River Australia is very detailed and colourful and is divided into 5 sections starting with - From the Mountains, Steep Banks & River Gums, the Mallee and Outback, Limestone Cliffs and the Plains, Lakes & Mouth.

  • From the Mountains - The Australian Alps near Corryong to past Tocumwal and the Barmah State Forest.
  • Steep Banks & River Gums - Yarrawonga - Mulwala to Swan Hill in Victoria.
  • Mallee and Outback - From Swan Hill to nearly Renmark in South Australia.
  • Golden Limestone Cliffs - From Renmark to Purnong.
  • Plains, Lakes & Mouth - From Purnong to near Wellington where the Murray River flows out to sea.

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