Public National Holidays In Australia For Planning Your Holiday

When you are organising your holiday it helps if you know when the Public National Holidays In Australia are, like Australia Day or Anzac Day.

Australian school holiday dates do vary between the states and territories so knowing when they are happening is a big help also when planning your holiday.

If you are planning to travel Australia, knowing when the Australia's public and school holidays will be helpful.

Knowing the national holidays in Australia dates provides an indication of when accommodation and flights might be difficult to book or more expensive.

These Public National Holidays in Australia Dates are used Nationwide, each state and territory add several other public holidays of their own choosing usually based around an annual event or a historical day.

Public National Holidays In Australia Including What Is... Meanings And Dates

New Year’s Day - 1st January

New Year’s Day celebrations happen throughout Australia especially in a big way in the capital cities on the night before, 31st December. Parties, Barbecues and fireworks are a very popular way to welcome in the New Year. If News Years Day is on a Saturday or Sunday the public holiday is on the Monday.

national holidays in australia new years eve sydney harbour fireworks

New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney Harbour

Australia Day - 26th January

Australia Day is held on 26th day of January, Australia Day is the anniversary of the landing at Sydney Cove.

Captain Arthur Phillip and fellow sailors sailed from England to Australia to start the first colony in Australia.

Australia Day is a special day that we can think about the importance and value of being Australian. We celebrate what we have achieved as a nation together and appreciate this 'lucky' country and everything Aussie.

Each year Australia celebrates the achievement and contribution of upstanding Australians with a presentation of the Australian of the Year Awards on Australia Day eve. These awards are presented at a National, state and regional level.

Good Friday Public Holiday

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter so the date can vary but it is always in late March or April. Christianity commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his death. In Australia, Good Friday is celebrated on the first Friday after the full moon on or after 21st March.

Some churches mark the day in different ways. To the Catholic church and some others, Good Friday is day to fast and only have three small meals or no meat and eat seafood instead.

For many Australians Good Friday is not a day of religious observance so Good friday is the start of a long weekend of 4 days and which usually occurs during the first school holidays of the year. Many people take a short holiday and others take the opportunity to spend time with their family or friends.

Easter Sunday

Easter Bunny has delivered all those delicious Easter Eggs.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and it is a public holiday throughout Australia. Schools, organisations and most businesses are closed.

Anzac Day Public Holiday - 25th April

ANZAC DAY is a national day commemorating the recognition of the contribution of all people who have served Australia in wars and conflicts.

ANZAC Day formal commemorative services are held at dawn across the nation. Later in the morning marches are held in most cities in towns across Australia.

Christmas Day - 25th December

For most people Christmas Day is a special day to get together with family and friends, share gifts and a delicious meal.

Christmas Day is a christian celebration in commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

If Christmas Day is on the weekend, the next Monday is then a public holiday.

Boxing Day Public Holiday - 26th December

Boxing Day probably gets its name from the wealthier people in Britain placing gifts in charity boxes that were left in churches prior to Christmas. The day after Christmas the gifts were then given to the poorer people in Britain.

In Australia Boxing day is a public holiday and is quite often a relaxing day unless you going to the Boxing Day cricket Test match, involved in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race or you are going to get a bargain at the Boxing day sales at many stores.

When a Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the following Monday is the public holiday.

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