Photos Of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Celebrating 80+ Years

Everyone who visits Sydney won't be able to resist taking many photos of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as they are very impressive.

They both must have must have been photographed hundreds of thousands of times from every angle and every time of the day or night.

The Bridge, Opera House and all of Sydney Harbour are a hugely popular tourist attraction and easily recognised by the unique shapes and location.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

Sydney is quite often where international visitors arrive and most of them would make Sydney Harbour there first tourist destination to visit.

Seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and everything else in the harbour is an amazing experience. I have been there three times now and every time is an 'Awesome' experience.

Photos Of Sydney Harbour Bridge

These images of the Sydney Harbour Bridge showcase it from many angles and at different times of the day. It doesn't matter where you look at it from, driving over it or cruising under it, from the Sydney Opera House, Luna Park or Taronga Zoo it is an engineering masterpiece and one of Australia's greatest icons.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

A beautiful aerial photo of Sydney Harbour

This image really shows how spectacular the bridge and the Sydney Harbour is and why it is always in the top ten things to see and visit in Australia.

Further down this page is a similiar image in black and white taken in the 1960s. The transformation from then to now is amazing!

sydney harbour bridge nsw

Stunning photo of the sun setting over the Bridge and Opera House

Images of sunsets and sunrises are always special and even more special when Australia's most famous icons are included.

sydney harbour bridge nsw milsons point luna park

Aerial view from Milsons Point looking over Luna Park

Another stunning view of the Bridge and Harbour, the Sydney Opera House can just be seen behind the bridge with Luna Park in the foreground.

Luna Park in Sydney is a family favourite fun park which originally opened in 1935. It has been closed several times, the lastest reopening was in 2004 and it has been delighting all its visitors again, a highlight is walking through the 'huge mouth' at the entrance.

sydney harbour bridge nsw at night

A glowing Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

When the sun sets the Sydney Harbour Bridge transforms and glows in the night sky with many coloured lights shining to make a spectacular effect.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

New Years Eve in Sydney is Spectacular

Sydney is famous for the fireworks display in the Harbour with the Bridge being the centrepiece. Many thousands watch from every vantage point around the Harbour that they can find including from boats in the harbour and also from home in their lounge chairs.

Photos Of Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

sydney harbour bridge nsw

Sydney Harbour Bridge climbers enjoying the Amazing view

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has become very popular for the adventurous bridge climb to the top for extroadinary views. These images of people climbing the bridge show them climbing the steps and a group at the top near the flags enjoying the amazing view.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

Climbing the hundreds of steps on the Bridge

There are several climbs, the 'Express Climb' is for 2 hours 15 minutes, the 'Discovery Climb' takes you up to the inner arch and you see more of the inner framework and takes three and half hours.

The 'Bridge Climb' also takes three and half hours, you will climb to the top of the outer arch for an amazing adventure to remember and view of all the city and beyond as far as the Blue Mountains.

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Photos Of Sydney Harbour Bridge History

The Sydney Harbour has a very interesting history, from discovery to now, the photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge below show the bridge in the 1950s and 1960s.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

An original 1950s showboat in the Sydney Harbour

sydney harbour bridge nsw

A great aerial view of the Sydney Harbour and City in the 1950s

In the 1950s the buildings were much smaller and less of them, also the Sydney Opera House wasn't built then, which began as a competition for a winning design in 1957 and it was officially opened in 1973.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

An interesting image of the bridge taken at night

This photo was taken using 'Time Exposure photography technique', the image shows the ferry courses as tracks of light.

This photography technique requires the lense to be open longer than normal which could be from 10 seconds to several minutes which creates amazing results especially with colour and using a digital camera.

sydney harbour bridge tolls nsw

Sydney Harbour Bridge Toll Gates in the 1950's

The 'toll' for driving on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was originally used to pay for the cost of the bridge being built. Since then the 'toll' collected pays for the maintenance to the bridge.

sydney harbour bridge nsw

A colourful 1950s image of a boat returning after taking passengers for a cruise around Sydney Harbour.

These older photos of Sydney Harbour Bridge show how many things have changed, been built or modernised over the years. One thing that hasn't changed is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is still as impressive as it was eighty years ago.

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