Pictures of Sydney Opera House
An Amazing and Unique Attraction

Pictures of Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru, kangaroos and koalas feature on most tourism brochures as they are unique Australian icons that everyone recognises.

The Opera House is a very spectacular building that looks intriguing from every angle at any time of the night or day. Inside is just as intriguing with a purpose built concert hall and opera theatre, they are largest shells.

The Opera House has more theatres, rehearsal studios, dressing rooms, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars and much more, there are a total of one thousand rooms.

sydney opera house nsw

The Opera House is located at Bennelong Point next to Circular Quay. It is an excellent viewing point to see the ferries, boats and ships arrive and depart from Circular Quay and watch them cruise the harbour. Of course you can't miss seeing the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge that has recently turned eighty years old.

Pictures Of Sydney Opera House

sydney harbour bridge nsw

A beautiful photo of the Sydney Opera House at dusk

The Opera House is recognised world wide and must have been photographed hundreds of thousands of times by anyone who loves the dramatic and unique sight that it creates.

sydney opera house nsw

One of the many Stunning pictures of Sydney Opera House at night

Different times of the day and different weather conditions give the Opera House a variety of appearances which can be described as different moods.

The photo above is a great example, at night with many coloured lights create an elegant effect totally different to photos day time.

sydney opera house circular quay new south wales

Looking over Circular Quay and the Opera House

Where ever you look around in Sydney Harbour it is an amazing view and there are many places to explore, visit and things to do in the harbour.

A few of them are Taronga Zoo, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go on a ferry cruise around the harbour, have fun at Luna Park plus many more activitites to keep you busy for many days.

Make sure you take your own camera so you can take your own pictures of Sydney Opera House, the bridge and everything else you see.

sydney opera house nsw

The majestic front entrance in to the Opera House

The front steps of the Opera House are a very popular location for many public events and concerts. Inside the Opera House there are over three thousand events held each year and over 200,000 guided tours are enjoyed by visitors. The Opera House is open 24 hours a day.

sydney opera house nsw

A close up of the front steps and the entrance

This photo gives you an idea how huge each 'shell' section is when you compare it to the height of a person. I have been there a few times and the size and design is quite overwhelming, but absolutely fascinating.

Map of Sydney Harbour And City

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This Google Earth Map of Sydney can be clicked or dragged to move it or use the arrows to enlarge for more detail.

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Sydney Opera House History

circular quay 1950 history sydney harbour nsw vintage image

A photo of Circular Quay in the 1950s

The photo above was taken in about the 1950s before the Sydney Opera House was built or probably even thought of. You can see Bennelong Point above the Sydney Harbour Bridge, at that stage it was a tram depot shed.

The New South Wales government decided to build the Sydney Opera House as the Sydney Town Hall was no longer suitable. A competition was conducted worldwide to find a suitable design. Jorn Utzon's dramatic 'sail' design was chosen, he was from Copenhagen, Denmark.

sydney opera house nsw sketch

One of the sketches submitted by Jorn Utzon

sourced from

When Jorn submitted his design he did not actually know how he was going to build the 'shell' structures for the roof as they where beyond engineering capabilities at the time. It took until 1961 to work out how the 'shells' where going to be built, meanwhile the construction continued.

Pictures of Sydney Opera House Construction

The Opera House was built in three stages, firstly the upper podium was built 1959-63, then the shells 1963-67, then the interior construction and design 1967-73. The total length is 185 metres long and 120 metres wide.

sydney opera house nsw

Construction in 1966
Starting to see the familiar shape of the Opera House

The problem of how to make the fourteen 'shells' and make them a uniform shape was solved. Each section is part of a sphere just like cutting an orange into wedges and making some pieces different lengths.

The ribbed roof frames and roof panels were made of precast concrete created in a common mould that gave each section the exact same curve, but the made them shorter or longer depending on the height required.

sydney opera house construction nsw

Close up view of ribbed frame work

This huge project required 2400 precast ribs and 4000 roof panels was constructed at an on-site factory.

sydney opera house nsw

Construction in 1968 - Still five years from completion

In 1966 Jorn Utzon was unfairly forced to resign because of disagreements with the government with cost, design and the schedule. Other designers took over and considerably changed some of the original designs.

Jorn Utzon understood accoustics and had planned the rooms accordingly, when the new designers took over, the design changes affected the accoustics in the main halls and there are still accoustic problems.

sydney opera house tiles on roof nsw

Close up view of the glazed ceramic tiles

Over one million cream and white ceramic tiles from Sweden were used to cover the roofing, the tiles were prefabbed into 'zig zag' sheets as you can see in the photo above and the majority of them were attached before the 'shell' or section of roof was lifted into position.

Official Sydney Opera House Website

sydney city sydney opera house sydney harbour new south wales

A beautiful image of the Opera House in front of the city

Pictures of Sydney Opera House like these are a reminder of why it is so special, unique and an amazing draw card for visitors from Australia and the world come to visit Sydney.

We have one man to thank, Jorn Utzon for having the foresight to design and create a building with so much unqiueness and beauty. Thank You!!

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