My Pictures Of Uluru Ayers Rock Australia On Our Camping Road Trip

Taking pictures of Uluru is very easy as it is absolutely awesome. From every angle, it is so much more than a giant red rock.

The more you discover and explore the more amazing Uluru Ayers Rock becomes.

My family explored the Central australia area on the way to the Top End several years ago on a camping Road Trip.

Uluru can change colours many times in a day depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

The images below show Uluru from different angles to show how different and huge it is.

These photos below are my favourite pictures of Uluru/Ayers Rock.
We were lucky enough to get a sunny day so it was very enjoyable and exciting.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

This is my first photo of Uluru as we were driving towards it
from the Ayers Rock Resort Campground at Yulara.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

When we got closer to Uluru it looked like ants climbing up the rock. People of course!

Climbing up the side with the help of the chain is the first stage of the climb, then following a white dotted line to the top and last stage is climbing up and down the small eroded hills of rock to the centre.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

We climbed Uluru and found it exhausting but at the same time very exciting, we felt like we were standing on top of the world.

This picture of Uluru shows how weathered the top is from the rain and wind that constantly washes or blows small particles away.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

Us standing on top of the World!
The view was absolutely amazing, better than we could ever imagine.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

How is this for a view, the Olgas Kata Tjuta in the distance.
We visited the Olgas the next day, which was also great.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

Still on top admiring the view and starting to go down.
Our kids and friends are ahead and hopefully waiting for us.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

Back on earth again! An amazing close up view of the big red rock.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

Adding in some greenery for another view around the base.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

This photo is typical of the the Central Australia and the Outback, beautiful blue sky, red rock and the greenery.

pictures of uluru ayers rock central australia

Here we are back at the start, we have been up, down and around, what an amazing journey to remember.

I highly recommend visiting Ayers Rock Australia, you don't have to climb it, just being here is enough to be amazed. The climb took about 1 1/2 hours to get to the top and about an hour to get down. The full walk around the base takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Red Centre Way to Uluru Ayers Rock Video

There is a cultural centre to visit to learn about the area and all its history. Even in winter it gets very warm in Central Australia in the afternoon so start mid morning or earlier to beat the heat and bring plenty of water to drink, sunscreen etc.

Central Australia truly is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy a camping road trip or holiday. These pictures of Uluru show how special Uluru is, but there is so much more to see in the Outback of Australia.

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